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User Info: Ressurectedsoul

8 years ago#1
How much would it cost to import this game from UK to the states?

User Info: Polykarbonangel

8 years ago#2
If you live by a fry's electronics you can get it there. they have some import games and ive seen this there at everyone ive been too. Or if you dont have one by you most sites will calculate the price before paying so you could find a retailer and check.
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User Info: Rei23

8 years ago#3
If you buy it off Amazon it costs about the same as a North American PSP game does, plus shipping. If I recall, the shipping was the same as if I had bought it in the States.

It wont break the bank.
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User Info: great_rulo

8 years ago#4

Sorry for the question, but im thinking if importing this, just want to know, what's the dafault language of the game? spanish?

User Info: CyberLink2000

8 years ago#5
I think it has multiple languages being released and sold in Europe and all.
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User Info: Rei23

8 years ago#6
The default on mine was English.

Really, I think that is something that you would look up when you purchase it. Obviously, if the cover was in German, it isn't going to be in English.
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User Info: chestershadow

8 years ago#7
The european version has serveral languages in it. The default language is whatever your psp's language setting is on IF the game has that language in it. So if you have the european version of the game and you have your psp set to english, it will be in english, if your psp is set to german, the game will be in german. Any of the owners of the european copy can tell you this simply by looking at the 6 or so languages on the back of the box.

User Info: slay3r_fr3ak81

8 years ago#8
On amazon some us states have it brand tax just shipping and its about 40 just like what you pay if it was from the us.

User Info: tmark235

8 years ago#9
or get it from bestsku
if your not in CA you wont get taxed.
shipping would cost $7 but you dont have to pay money for importing from UK

right now they have it for $29.99

heres the link

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