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12 years ago#1
I believe the reason it was not released in USA was cause it did not sell very well in japan and also THERE WAS NEVER GONNA BE AN AMERICAN PORT TO BEGIN WITH, IT WAS A GFAQS MESS UP!

Seriously there was never gonna be a japanese to english PSP port. Gamefaqs thought wrong, never checked the facts, if Capcom were to have brought it to america, they would have done it years ago but they didnt because it sold poorly in Japan.

They released Megaman Legends 2 a month after 1 in japan.

I don't think that came into effect till the next year or so, it didnt come into effect until after Megaman Legends 1 and 2 were ported.

When Sony of America said that about the no straight ports, they didnt say that until atleast after the games came out, so it didnt come into effect, Capcom could have done it before Sony did that.

You underestimate Capcom, they have become too greedy, they were gonna remake all the Megaman classic games and X games for the PSP but we end up with just 1 of each because they wanted more money.

Capcoms become nothing but a money hungry company.

Truth is, Megaman Legends 1 and 2 were never going to come to USA on UMD for PSP like they did in japan because of one reason, CAPCOM NEVER ANNOUNCED AN AMERICAN PORT EVER! There never was gonna be one.

Yes I wish they did come to PSP because atleast it has better controls then what the emulator gives you.

In megaman Legends 1 and 2 for PSP, they are much better than the emulator versions because they were built for it and also the controls were a little different and better.

L1,R1 were used just like in the PS1 version BUT when you press and hold them together, you target your enemies. R1 AND L1, when you held them at the same time, its like using the R2 button, which you cannot do in the emulator.

You cant even customize it to do that either.
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