HR? Online quests? very much confused, noob need help

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User Info: Fioz

11 months ago#1
Hello, i'm a long time fan of the MH series, i played the first MH for ps2 to death and i'm now trying to play the mh2dos version from scratch (i played a bit in the past). I'm starting from the alternative versione from our great modder Burango and after completing most of it i'd like to play on the version that let you craft online weapon and fight online monster, now here is the problem.
How do i do that? in Burango's site there is an explanation that to get the HR rank working you need to do some shenanigans or use a saved file with HR already active, then i've read that the alternative +++ or the g versions already have online quest but avaible at the bar in the offline city, so i don't really understand what i need to go.

At the moment i have a burned mh2dos +++ and i'm burning an alternative version too, do i need something else? can i just start from the alternative version and then use the +++ version to get everything i need to craft the online weapon? please halp :D

User Info: Fioz

11 months ago#2
also, does someone have a decent image of the weapon tree? i can only find partial informations online

User Info: monceblank

11 months ago#3
We can't going online anymore in this game since the server already down years ago. But, we still can do "online" quest.
There's a few different ways to do that :
- Using Codebreaker to modify the offline quest.
- Using Chinese hacked game.
- Using Burango's patch.

As of now, using Burango's patch is the easiest way to get into online quest. While using codebreaker can actually give more freedom for what quest you wanted and the important guild registry code, for some people, using the codebreaker can be really complicated and tedious work. So, yeah, patching your game with Burango's patch is easier method.

Iirc, in Burango's patch, "alternative" is the pure unmodified game with english translation. While the "alternative+, ++, and above" is a modified game, like modded quests or rewards. Which means, these patches are the ones you're looking for if you wanted to play the "online" quests. Iirc, the one with full "online" quests and less modded rewards is alt+++.

However, in this game, you can't craft "online/HR" weapons unless you're registered online (which is impossible now). But, we can hack the game and enter the "guild registry code" via codebreaker so the game thinks we're legitly registered. The problem is, like i said earlier, some people find codebreaker tedious and complicated. That's when the saved file with the code already active/on you mentioned comes in handy. It allows you to craft "online/HR" weapons without need to tinker with codebreaker.

Check out these links from Master Vaxsan site :
maybe they have it. Idk, they're in japs.
Swii~ng ('-_-)

User Info: Ephamera

10 months ago#4
If you have burned the game then you can burn the codebreaker then. Get into codebreaker menu, create new game say Monster Hunter 2, then add cheat mastercode and guild registry below separately.

I've downloaded all weapon from but it seems it's no longer active. Search on google and you'll find it on someone blog.
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  3. HR? Online quests? very much confused, noob need help

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