Help with the Burango patches (noob)

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User Info: Diskence

2 years ago#1
So, I've been reading around about the Burango patches, and I'd like some help with which to choose.
Since this will be my first MH game (and since I've only got a PS2 atm, that's the "newest" MH i can play), I'd want a patch with the normal difficulty or not much harder. And basically from what I've seen, MHDOSAG and MHDOSAG+ are harder patches, so not for me. And MHDOSA (+, ++, +++) are patches with less difficulty modifications.
My question is, which MHDOSA patch should I play, the original one, +, 2+ or 3+? I'm thinking either 2+ or 3+ since they have both offline and online quests, but is there much difference between them?
Or should I play the patches in order?

User Info: Ephamera

2 years ago#2
Hello there,

Definitelly play the alt ( non + ) patch until you get decent wep and arm. Then move to alt ++. Those two is enough to have fun with, unless you need more fun hunting one in four bosses.

I can't remember what are the differences between alt +2 and alt +3, but you can just simply back to burango site to check it by yourself haha. The only thing I remember is In alt +2 & 3 you'll only have HR Rahjan while in Alt G+ you can have duo LR Rahjan.
I'm living
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  3. Help with the Burango patches (noob)

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