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User Info: Ephamera

3 years ago#1
Alright I've just built a dedicated set for hunting duo rahjan that consist of

Siegmund ( earplug 1 gem )
Hero Earing
Rathian Body S
Rathian Hand S
Rathian Pants S ( sharpen gem )
Rathian Boots S ( sharpen gem )

This set gives me skill in green color
Health 10
Status attack up
Quick Hone
Attack up sm

while for the red one I get
Psychic 15
Resort 10

I just noticed it that the maximum limit skill I can have is 5,because went i was out for a quest, the target boss wasn't marked. Well that's really annoying since Psychic is the one I need. Is it glitch because of the patch or it really works like that even on non patch game ?

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User Info: monceblank

3 years ago#2
Yep, the maximum skills you can obtain is only five.
so, even if you manage to gem your armor to get more, only top five skills that got its effect on.
not really annoying, imo, since bad skills can also kicked out by this method.

in the later MH, the max is more than five and the order is counted by the most skill points for each skills. but iirc, not in dos.

btw, lol why do you need Psychic for duo rahjan?
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User Info: Ephamera

3 years ago#3
Well, it's essential for me to have that skill for duo bos or even foursome, except drome it's definitelly trouble to fight 2 bosses ( specially in HR ), so whenever I see blue symbol is coming then it's time to leave the area. One experince is when I hunted Foursome LR khezu in altG+, I didn't know another was coming then suddenly scream, the one I fought jumped to me, my character wake up but not enough time then one just arrive shoot electric blast, brought by cats. The other experience is with Gravios. I can survive with duo boss but then I rarely attack. That;s why I need it.
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