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  3. I love how dirty this game looks.

User Info: Scraps

5 months ago#1
That’s something I’ve always thought about it, even before I played it. I would look at the artwork when I was younger and think about how much more realistic it seemed as an adventure, if everything looked so dirty and dusty and grimy.
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User Info: OhHiRenan

4 months ago#2
Twilight Princess’ art style is often brushed off for adhering to the bloom & brown of its generations, but I’d argue TP is one of the best examples of that grungy, “dirty” aesthetic– like you said.

The actual landscapes are very put together with color design that’s fairly unique for The Legend of Zelda. I also love how the character design strikes a balance between realism and fantasy. Twilight Princess’ models and concept art have always struck me as the natural evolution of the series’ N64 aesthetic.
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User Info: flat_tyre

1 week ago#3
Agreed, when I played the N64 Zeldas this was how I imagined the future games to look. In my mind I would try to imagine what the new games would look like, and it was pretty much a dead copy of what you see in Twilight Princess. I never begun to imagine the cartoony route of Wind Waker, I still remember the outcry when it was announced and I have to admit I wrote it off at the time, too. Of course WW ended up being great but the sheer excitement I felt when I finally saw TP announced - it was like they were *finally* releasing the sequel I wanted to see. The TP announcement trailer was probably one of the most exciting gaming memories I have, and it was all down to the grittier, dirtier style.
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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  3. I love how dirty this game looks.
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