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User Info: Tr0lldr0id

1 year ago#1
Has anyone else ever noticed that Link's house in this game is pretty dang nice? Especially when you compare to the rest of Ordon. Like, come on, this dude has a three floor (more or less) house, not even counting the basement, built into a TREE, complete with a table and all pots and pans, furniture, etc. And he's, what... sixteen? maybe eighteen? What the heck?

User Info: Tippetarius

1 year ago#2
It is implied to be the same house his ancestor, the Hero of Time lived in. It's probably been around a lot longer than the other buildings in Ordon, so there's been more time to build upon it and make improvements.
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User Info: Tr0lldr0id

1 year ago#3
oh really? I was under the impression that the Hero Of Time lived in Korok forest.

You know, I read the Hyrule Historia, so of course, I'm an expert on LoZ games I never played... That is fascinating though, thanks for the info!

User Info: Asaki

6 months ago#4
But he doesn't have a bed!!!
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