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  3. The water flow in the Lakebed Temple

User Info: Beans345

2 years ago#1
Not only have I not been able to find anything about this topic on gamefaqs, I couldn't find anything on the internet that talks about this.

Near the beginning of your journey in the Lakebed temple you'll come across a room with lots of bridges. In this same room, there is a water flow at the bottom with those jellyfish in it. I recently discovered that you can actually go in the water flow, by latching onto some seaweed on the wall beside the bridge.

There really isn't anything valuable to find down there, but I'm surprised no guide that I've consulted has mentioned this. Or any message on this board.

So, penny for your thoughts?
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User Info: beachbum13

2 years ago#2
I found out about that a few years ago, from the Wii version. I'm kind of surprised they didn't put anything down there, like a Piece of Heart. For such an interesting area, it's completely pointless for it to be there as it is.

User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
2 years ago#3
I've explored down there before. IIRC there's a yellow rupee under a rock. So... not much. But then the game doesn't have much to reward you with anyway. There's already rupees everywhere and very little to spend them on.
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User Info: ParadiseRegaind

2 years ago#4
I actually just got to this temple (first playthrough), so I will be sure to keep an eye out for this area. Thanks for the info!
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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  3. The water flow in the Lakebed Temple
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