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User Info: Super_Sluggers

8 years ago#161
Today is the fifth anniversary of this game.
Granted, I love online gaming as much as the next guy. But that is not what the Wii is about. If you haven't learned this by now, it's your own fault.
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User Info: _SG

6 years ago#163
psbrown07 posted...
how do i delete save profiles. i just want to start them all from new,so my grandkids can enjoy the same as i did
If this isn't trolling and is a legit question... and you haven't checked the manual or Googled it then, select a file and hit 'delete'.

User Info: Ogreatgames

3 years ago#164
What else can I ask. Majority of my Qs has been answered. Very informative. Great post.
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User Info: Randall1

2 years ago#165
I can't re-insert the master sword in the sacred realm, after I defeated the monkeys AND after snowpeak AND after getting the golden cookiooo AND defeating all foes all the way up to the part where I am supposed to re-insert the master sword. I walk over it with my sword drawn and it does nothing. Isn't' it supposed to say strike? It doesn't help me, Do I need a new disk?
Helpful thank you.

User Info: ExceededRed

1 year ago#167
My - + and home buttons stop working on the Wii version and I cant attach the bow in Goron's Cave.. wtf!!?

User Info: Beans345

6 months ago#168
@player5454 posted...
I think I missed the Heart Piece in the Sacred Woods and now I can't get back in. There is a big wooden door in the way now and the howling stone doesn't work. I'm wondering if there is a way to get that piece that I left.
I know that this is an extremely belated response, but if you still care, you'll be forced to return later for another wild goose chase against skull kid and the Sacred Grove will be completely accessible from then on out.
Some people can listen to others. Some people can't. I'm not interested in people who can't.
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