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User Info: chaochaoman

8 years ago#1
A- Regular punch
AA- Regular kick
AAA- Whacks you with the shovel
AAAA- Slams you with the shovel

>Tilt- Shovel jab
^Tilt- Swipes the butterfly net above him
vTilt- Spin kick (Ala Mario's down smash)

>Smash- Charged up punch
^Smash- Swipes the ax above him
vSmash- Swings ax at the ground

Grab- Lassos you with the fishing pole
Pummel- Repeatedly punches you
>Throw- Kicks you forward
^Throw- Tosses you upwards and slams you back on the ground with the fishing pole
vThrow- Backdrops you

Air- Karate kick (like what Link does)
>Air- Double punch
^Air- Jabs the shovel upwards
vAir- Downward swipe with the butterlfy net

B- Horizontal ax swing
BB- Vertical ax swing
>B- Shoots you with the slingshot (chargeable)
^B- Spins upwards (Like Wario)
vB- Buries a Pitfall in the ground
vBAir- Throws a Pitfall at the ground

Final Smash (Golden Items)- Animal Crosser gets surrounded by a golden aura and after it dissipates, all of your items (besides the Pitfall) have turned into Golden Items. Golden Items do twice the damage of regular items and do 1.5 times the knockback. They go away after 15 seconds

So what do you think? Any suggestions or things you would change?
Yeah he even has his own galaxy for him called the Glitchy Gimmick Galaxy. Screech04 on "Sonic in SMG2"

User Info: magicblade59

8 years ago#2
Needs moar gyroids ;_;

User Info: rapsbry

8 years ago#3
*vB in the air over the edge above an opponent*

SPIKED!!! >:O rofls
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