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User Info: V_Edge

10 years ago#1
I'd post these in a general purpose "Who should be in SSBB" thread, but I couldn't find one. Kinda mind-boggling that there isn't one, unless it's just eight hundred or so pages back. Anyway...


Lolo and Lala

Note: You would only be playing as either Lolo or Lala; you don't use them both at once like Ice Climbers, nor are you able to switch between them in battle like Zelda/Shiek, Samus/ZSS, or Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard. They'd be listed under the same character slot, and to switch to Lala, you'd just have to cycle through Lolo's color schemes until you get to Lala, just like switching Wario to his Super Mario Land 2 costume. The only differences are the appearance and what the announcer says when they win a battle. For the rest of this, I'll just refer to Lolo; feel free to put Lala's name in his place.

As far as size and weight, Lolo is comparable to the likes of Kirby and Metaknight, but he has pretty low movement speed, just a little faster than Bowser. His dash is also fairly slow, but just a little faster than the big guys. Most of the basic attacks are also short ranged thanks to his short limbs. However, where he really shines is in his ability to create and use items to his greatest advantage. His first jump isn't very good, but his second goes nearly twice the vertical distance of the first, making him a little better in the air than one might expect.

Lolo has a few unique mechanics. First of all, when he grabs a crate or barrel, it's held in front of him instead of over his head, and he moves at normal speed. However, he cannot change direction while holding it, and attempting to move backwards will force him to drop it. This mechanic also applies to a grab by replacing his F Tilt throw with forward walking. The way he holds crates and opponents means he can use them as shields in a pinch. Also, thrown crates travel straight forward the same way most other objects do when thrown forward.

User Info: V_Edge

10 years ago#2
Neutral Attack - One-Two Punch: Lolo does a jab forward. Repeatedly tapping A will have him attack repeatedly with a series of left-right jabs. Each hit does 3% damage.
F Tilt - Cartwheel: Lolo does a cartwheel forward. Hits four times for 2% each, and the fourth hit has a slight knockback. Probably one of the few attacks Lolo has with decent range.
U Tilt - Rising Kick: Lolo flips upside down and kicks upward. The attack deals about 11% damage, but is fairly slow for a regular attack and easy to predict.
D Tilt - Soccer Kick: Lolo simply kicks forward along the ground. It has very good knockback and does 9% damage, but like the Rising Kick, is easy to predict.

Dash Attack - Diving Roll: Lolo rolls along the ground and slides to a stop. It has very good range compared to most of his basic attacks, but that's not saying much. It does 7% damage and can trip lighter opponents. An advantage to it is that you can immediately follow it up with another attack, so it can be used to start up a few combos.
Ledge Attack - Headbutt: Lolo jumps up off the ledge and rushes forward a bit with a headbutt. 8% damage and another of the better ranged moves Lolo has.

N Air - Aerial Cartwheel: Like Lolo's F Tilt, but done in midair and doesn't move forward. 2% damage per hit.
F Air - Aerial Roundhouse: Lolo does a sweeping kick forward. Despite the appearance of the move, it only hits in front of him. However, it has great knockback. 10% damage.
B Air - Aerial Donkey Kick: Lolo kicks both feet backward. It's very much like his F Air, but the knockback is just a little better, and it does 9% damage.
U Air - Aerial Uppercut: Lolo punches upward. It does about 12% damage, but has terrible range, making it difficult to connect.
D Air - Two-Handed Spike: Lolo swings down with both arms. It not only hits for 12% and is great for knocking opponents down into pits or spiking them into the ground, but will also cause Lolo to bounce upward slightly from hitting the opponent. Excellent for luring enemies into committing suicide. It's only problem, like most of Lolo's basics, is bad range.
F Smash - Hammer Strike: Lolo uses his Hammer to swing forward at the enemy. It causes about 14-18% damage and makes a great finisher. It has a good bit of windup though, so most players can see it coming a mile away, and will probably be at least that far from you when it executes.
U Smash - Backflip: Lolo does a backflip kick that can knock the enemy upward quite a bit. It does 11-15% damage, and comes out quickly, but if you whiff with it, you're left vulnerable for a little bit before Lolo recovers.
D Smash - Hammer Pound: Probably the best range of all of Lolo's basic attacks. He slams his Hammer downward to the ground, and if directly hit, the opponent takes about 14% damage. Charging it doesn't increase damage, but instead makes the attack produce a dust cloud that does about 6% damage itself and increases in size as the attack is charged.

Grab Attack - Pummel: Lolo punches the opponent he's grabbed for 2% damage.
F Throw - Carry: Rather than actually throwing the enemy, Lolo actually walks forward while holding him/her. This technique can be used in multiplayer to carry the opponent to the edge of the arena or bring him/her to a partner.
B Throw - Boston Crab: Lolo lifts the opponent over his head and slams him/her into the ground behind him. It does 8% damage and, if done at the edge of the arena, could throw the opponent off the edge. Following this up by dropping down and grabbing the ledge yourself could result in a KO if the opponent doesn't have a good recovery move or relies on tether recovery.
U Throw - Fling Upward: Lolo simply tosses his opponent upward, dealing 7% damage in the process. Nothing special.
D Throw - Power Spike: Almost identical to his D Air. It hits for 10%, and like D Air, makes Lolo bounce off the opponent and move a little bit backwards.

User Info: doublejumping

10 years ago#3
Sorry, Age of Empires habit.

User Info: V_Edge

10 years ago#4
Neutral Special - Emerald Framer: Lolo pulls an Emerald Framer out of the ground. This works just like a crate except that it can't produce an item when broken open. When thrown, it can deal about 15% damage and knock the opponent back quite a bit. It can take about 25% damage before breaking, and it blocks most forward-moving projectiles without taking damage itself. Lolo can only make one of them at a time, meaning that there can be no more than four in the arena at once (assuming all four players are using Lolo/Lala). This moves can't be done in the air. About five percent of the time, Lolo will pull up a Heart Framer instead; this acts like a normal crate (as in, it can be damaged by projectiles), and when it breaks, releases a Heart Container.
F Special - Power Shot: Lolo charges up for a moment, then fires a small sphere of energy. If it hits, it deals no damage, but instead turns the opponent into an egg. In this state, the opponent cannot move, and cannot directly take damage. They can be picked up and carried like an item, meaning that it can be very dangerous to get hit by this if near the arena edge or in a multiplayer brawl. The egg breaks after four seconds or if the egg is thrown and hits something, and the player can break out of the egg sooner by repeatedly mashing different directions. Lolo can change the direction he fires this to upward or downward during his charge. The downward shot can only be down in midair.
U Special - Bridge: Lolo drops a bridge in front of him. This deals about 6% damage and breaks if it hits someone or the ground, but if done at a ledge, it will become a small platform and stay for about three seconds. Once can produce a chain of these to walk across a wide chasm, but when the first bridge in the chain disappears, the rest will fall out of the sky.
U Special Air - Bridge Jump: Lolo drops a bridge below him and jumps up off of it. This works similar to Sonic's U Special, in that the bridge can fall and damage whatever is below (about 6% damage).
D Special - Hammer Mash: This looks a lot like Lolo's D Smash, but instead of damaging with a dust cloud, if this connects, the opponent is pounded into the ground as if they'd hit a Pit Fall. It does 8% damage when it connects, but that can be increased to 14% if the sweet spot at the center of the hammer's head makes direct contact with the target's head.

Final Smash - Don Medusa Call: Lolo blows a whistle, and five Don Medusas appear on the screen. If one of the other combatants walks in their path as they move up and down or left and right, they will get shot by a fast-moving missile that does about 12% damage with no knockback. These missiles can only be blocked by solid ground, Emerald Frames, or crates, and have a fire property.
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User Info: V_Edge

10 years ago#5
I think I may have put too much thought into this. I didn't think it'd have to be spread over three posts. Anyway, how do you think Lolo/Lala would fit into the game? Are they broken? Too weak? Too strong? I'd like to know what you all think.
"Hey, it's a bad guy! Let's poke him with various sharp objects!" - every RPG hero in existence

User Info: Lunar_Divider

10 years ago#6
No maybe next time.

User Info: G_Foo_Chombey

10 years ago#7
I wish but the true question there is would they be consider Kirby reps or Adventures of Lolo reps?
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User Info: kevinmiller50

10 years ago#8
The internet is serious business

User Info: MileRun

10 years ago#9
I made a Lolo/Lala moveset quite a while ago. Would you mind if I posted it?
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User Info: DMan304

10 years ago#10
I think Lolo himself should have been an AT.

He'd shoot a power shot at an opponent and then start pushing them off the edge of the level.
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