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User Info: MisterEgo

11 years ago#31
Nice job on this, so many bump posts x.x (btw read my review on MP3!)

User Info: ghettosmurf3

11 years ago#32
nice guide tables

User Info: supervideogamer

11 years ago#33
nice tables!


User Info: Eragon1997

11 years ago#34
darkchocobo are you serious? The guide mean when it said please stay bumped? that makes no sense. "Please stay bring up my post until I say to post?"
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User Info: blueflamedino

11 years ago#35
Nice but one thing is still unclear, for the 100% ending, does that mean scans to or just expansions. I think you meant by items as equipment only, but I just wanna make sure that I don't need all the scans or vouchers. I mean I'll be missing out on the galleries, but is that it?
... what are you reading

User Info: blueflamedino

11 years ago#36
Nevermind, found my answer by searching FAQs.
... what are you reading

User Info: Luigifan18

11 years ago#37
Does _BTT_ use this board a lot? I'm trying to find him to give him an important message.
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User Info: nightandday

11 years ago#38
what is the deal with slash? if u read his bio- is he like a real person in the real world? -dcgreen1

User Info: dratsab

11 years ago#39
Greg "dratsab" Huffman
"Of course, only an egotistical bastard would sig or quote himself." - dratsab

User Info: Lt_Tuvok

11 years ago#40
Umm... I just noticed something about the AU 313 fight. More specifically, the second part. When AU 313 does that spinning attack on the ground, FIRE HYPER MISSILES AT IT!!! If one hits it's weak point while its spinning, it will get stunned, with its weak point FACING YOU. Hello Hyper Missiles! I managed to knock out about 2/5 of its health each time with this tactic.
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  3. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Newbies FAQ *READ FIRST* V2
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