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11 years ago#1

General Questions

Does this guide have spoilers?

Nope. Well, it does, but I have a big section warning where they'll be

Very Common Questions

I have 95-99% items

This is a very common question. The answer is probably in either the area on Bryyo with no ship landing area, or the area where you cannot see the items on the map (see later sections for non-spoiler free answers)

Can I get the extra map data in the final area?

Yes. There is a phazite panel in the Observatory. You should know what to do (but, again, a non-spoiler free answer is later).


What are the controls?

The game uses both the Wiimote and Nunchuck. It isn't designed to use the Wii Zapper.
The Wiimote is used to aim, both in menus and in the game. Aiming towards the side of the screen looks up and down. A and B are interchangable, but A defaults as shoot and B as jump. D-pad down fires missiles and D-pad up takes screenshots (once you've brought the screenshot tool). - and + are also interchangable, with - defaulting as Visor select (which works very well, even on a single button), and + as hypermode (explained later). 1 is used as the pause button, which has your logbook, item display, map and options. 2 is a help button, which you'll probably never even press. The nunchuck can be used for the grapple beam (flicked forward/backwards to grab/pull things). The control stick is used to move and straf. Z is used to lock on and use the grapple beam, while C is used to enter morph ball mode. In morph ball, the control stick moves, A lays bombs, flicking the control stick upwards jumps and other controls are gained from items.

Is there a new game+ option?

Sorta. After you complete the game, you can restart the same file. You keep your credits, options, scans and the fact that you've completed the game on that difficulty, but you lose your items and stuff.

On the difficulty select screen, why is there room for three difficulties, but only two options?

Once you've completed the game, you unlock the not-very-secret Hypermode difficulty.

Are there any one-time only items?

Nope. There are a few items on the GFS Olympus, but they're all compulsory. Everything else you can get to later in the game.

How do I beat boss x?

Look in nazguldragon15's Boss FAQ (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/file/928517/49971)

What do the circles on the left of the file select mean?

They show what difficulties you have completed the game on.

Is this game compatible with the Wii Zapper

Nope, it's designed to be played freehand (so to speak). The Zapper would hinder the controls massively.

How do I bold, Italic or underline?

These tags will give you bold
These tags will give you Italics
Underline is different. Hold alt, then press 0175, and you'll get this: ¯. It's not quite an Underline, but it's the best you get.

Do I have to have played Prime 1/2 to understand this?

No, but it helps. All you need to really know is that Dark Samus is an evil, phazon based entity and that Phazon is incredibly powerful but can cause corruption and mutation.

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11 years ago#2
Where does this game fall in the timeline?

Metroid (Zero Mission) (NES/GBA)
Metroid Prime (GC)
Metroid Prime: Hunters (DS)
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GC)
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB)
Super Metroid (Metroid 3) (SNES)
Metroid Fusion (Metroid 4) (GBA)

Metroid Zero Mission is sometimes disputed, but since it's a remake of Metroid, you can generally place it in the same place.


Is this game good?

<sarcasm>No, it's terrible, no-one should ever make the mistake I made and buy it </sarcasm>
Different people have different tastes in games. This happens to be a First Person Adventure game (FPA). It has similarities to FPSes, but is more exploration driven, and has a wider variety of options/moves available than the standard FPS. The graphics are very good as well, which is always a plus. Also, unlike many FPSes, the game features a lot of bosses. Look at some of the reviews (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/review/928517.html) for in-depth analysis.

How long is the game?

Most people get a time somewhere around 14-18 hours. However, that timer only runs while you have control (I think), so cutscenes, loading, the times you die and go back ect. aren't included. So, you're looking at around 20-30 hours, probably.

What's the multiplayer like?

There isn't any. Metroid Prime 3 is purely a one player adventure.


What are the different credits?

Red credits are the most ample credit type. They're aquired for every research and enemy you scan.
Blue credits are also fairly common. They're aquired for scanning lore.
Gold/yellow credits are slightly rarer, as they're only aquired for defeating bosses and a certain special enemy.
Friend/green credits are collected in a different way. You can only get them by having a friend give Friend Vouchers to you.
Friend Vouchers are collected in numerous different ways, such as getting a certain kill count and doing special things.

How many of each credit do I need?

I'm not sure of exact numbers, but you need every Red, Blue and Gold one. You need 15 Friend Credits, while there are 26 possible Friend Vouchers, which gives you a bit of leeway.

The game said I get Gold Credits for completing the game on different difficulties...

It's a little misleading. You only get one set from Normal and Veteran, and one set from Hypermode. So play through on Hypermode for your final Gold credits

I got all of the lore, but I'm short 1-3 Blue Credits. Where are they?

Right at the start of the game, during the pirate attack on the GFS Olympus, there are three Blue credits available for saving GF troops. Look in 1shadetail1's Credit FAQ (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/file/928517/50142) for details on them.

User Info: Tables

11 years ago#3
GFSOlympus/Norion spoilers from now onwards

Why can't I get into the command room?

You need to go and save. Use the other door.

Boss Fight: Beserker Lord

A nice simple fight. Hit the weak points on the shoulders, then shoot the blue balls back at him when he fires them. After taking out his armour, shoot his head.

Which generator first?

You can only get to the first one. The others are sealed off (for now).

Can I activate the second generator?

Sorry, you can't get to that area until later in the game

Why are GF troopers using Phazon weapons?

Because it's the best way to counter the Space Pirates.

Is that really all the ship visor does?

No, there are other uses. It can be used with certain upgrades you get to do... interesting things. It also has a built in compass, which is useful.

Boss Fight: Meta Ridley

Fairly easy.point and shoot at the glowing bit.

What happens if the Phazon Bomb hits?

The screen turns white, and you get a game over. You start after Meta Ridley, so it's all cool.

But weren't the other hunters already in the elevator?

Yeah, but think about what happened in the command room...


Is Hypermode just a gimmick?

No. Some features of hypermode are gimmicks, but it is a defining feature of the game.

Should I cancel Hypermode when using it?

It depends. If you autovent, you basically lose the energy tank that was injected. But if you cancel, you gain back any unused health.

Is damaged reduced while in Hypermode?

Yes, slightly. To be precise, you take 0% of the normal damage (in other words, you're invincible). Now, if you combine that with the above fact, it means you can enter hypermode, run through a room, cancel hypermode and you'll still have full health. But it usually doesn't work like that...

Any other Hypermode information?

Not really. a single shot drains about 3-4 hp, while charge shots vary (fully charged is 50, I think). While you don't have many energy tanks, you need to be careful, since each hypermode is a lot of energy drained. Later on you can be a bit more liberal with your useage.

User Info: Tables

11 years ago#4
Bryyo spoilers from now onwards

What were those things at the landing site?

Reptilicus. Don't worry about them.

I just got the map data from the GF ship, but I can't get through the next room.

Well, that isn't a question, but you need a new item to get through there. For now, use one of the new landing sites (here's a hint: goto Bryyo Fire).

Why is there so much Ice in Byyro Fire?

Did you see anything interesting at the landing site?

How do I use the ledge grab?

Just jump towards the ledge. You don't need to push anything to grab it or pull yourself up.

What does going corrupted do?

From now on, until the end of the game, whenever you stay in Hypermode for more than 10 seconds, you'll go corrupted. When this happens, your phazon meter will slowly fill, any damage you take will fill it even more, and if it fills completely, you get a few seconds to eject phazon, or you'll die. So, on the plus side, you get a lot more phazon to use, but if you don't fire quickly enough, you can die. You also cannot exit Hypermode once corrupted. Autovent still works after 25 seconds.

Boss Fight: Rundas

The first difficult fight. Keep shooting, when he's stunned, use the Grapple Lasso to pull his armour off, then go hyper (literally) and attack as much as possible (but try not to exit hypermode without going corrupted). Repeat.

I can't destroy the generator, so now what?

Use your new ice missiles to advance past the GF ship (from the first landing site on Bryyo), and progress down to the GF landing site.

I'm in the GF landing site. What do I do?

Well, once you've killed everything, you need to work your way up to the top of the room. Raise the things up with the terminal, then, open the shutters. Lower the stuff away, land your ship and press the button in the middle. Then, you can go either to the Thorn Jungle, or you can go back to Bryyo Fire. Doesn't matter, really.

I need to use the ship missiles, but I can't. Help!

Use the grapple lasso on the radar jammer, then call for bombardment.

Boss fight: Korakk

Kill the rider. Shoot in the mouth, go hyper, lay lots of bombs, come out, grab tail, Shoot repeatedly. Re-enter Hyper if neccessary.

How do I destroy the AA turret?

You need to go under it, use the grapple lasso to pull out the conrol... thingie, then destroy the Ammo things on the edge. Repeat. Consider abusing Hypermode, as well (go in, wait 8 seconds, leave, repeat).

How do I destroy the OTHER AA turret?

This one is a little more difficult. Enter Hypermode, and then get up to the first switch. Kill both pirates, flick the switch, and move over to the second switch. Wait for the pirates to return, and kill both before they flick the switch back. Then flick the last two switches. This also will give you the perfect excecution bonus friend voucher. Then, you need to destroy the ammo caches, like last time.

I got hit by a grenade, and went corrupted...

SHOOT!!! Keep shooting, until the meter isn't filled completely. Then abuse your free Hypermode :)

Seed Boss Fight: Mogenar

I reccommend uncharged shots, since they move faster (and are therefore more accurate). Once you take down one orb, go hyper and attack the socket until destroyed. Repeat.

User Info: Tables

11 years ago#5
Elysia spoilers from now onwards

How do I get past that statue?

Use the Hyper Ball. If you don't have it, go finish Bryyo.

The grapple tracks are too hard!

Go Hyper. But remember to cancel before getting corrupted. Being hyper makes you go through everything without taking damage.

How do I get into the AU chamber?

You need a new item. Keep following the path, and you'll get to it.

Boss Fight: Defence Drone

Use uncharged shots on the antennas (antennae?), then either go hyper against the second phase, or be sure to destroy all of the attacks (or both, if you want extra health).

How do I use the boost ball?

Hold B. Release to dash

How do I get into the AU chamber now?

Go into the vertical boost ball thing, and use the boost ball.

Ghor is attacking my ship!

Go back to it. You need to use a half pipe in the Steambot Barracks. All you do is boost just before going up, and you'll get higher each time.

Boss Fight: Ghor

Easy. Shoot his back after he charges at you, then attack his face. In the second phase, boost ball him while he uses the plasma beam, then shoot his face. Final bit is similar, but use Hyper mode.

What now?

Repair the circuits on the AU unit. You hold A, and have to go from one end of the circuit to the other,

Apparently I need to go to another planet...

Bryyo Fire. Smash all the ice you can, and follow the paths. You should find a teleporter to Bryyo Ice behind some of it, where you get the next item.

The Valhalla? What do I do there

At the moment, nothing. It's not worth visiting until the end of the game, really.

I've gotten the ship grapple. How do I assemble the bomb?

Get the parts in order. Part 1 is the closest, conveniently.

Boss Fight: Beserker Lord

I'm not even going to help you with this one.

I'm stuck in the Xenoresearch lab

Find a morph ball hole.


Shoot once, wait, fire a missile, shoot twice. Easy kill (normally).

So, I've assembled the bomb, and the AU asked me to do something. What do I say.

If you say yes, you have to go to the Spire, and defend it. If you say no, you get time to prepare, until you come back and say yes. So you have to say yes eventually.

Boss Fight: Spire

No, you aren't fighting the Spire. Abuse Hyper mode. Kill the Attack Skiffs ASAP, then kill other things. 3 ships (IIRC) is all you need to destroy.

Can I never get across the Spire now?

You can, using boost ball cannons. But only two docks link, one is unused (the one near the AU).

Seed Boss Fight: Helios

Lots of different attacks. Keep shooting it, and go hyper when it's vulnerable. Not much I can say.

User Info: Tables

11 years ago#6
Next Planet spoilers from now onwards

Why not call it the Space Pirate homeworld?

Because the name was before the 'now onwards' part :)

I can't get through the acid rain!

Hog the right wall, and walk around.

I got the X-ray Visor, now what?

You can get into the secure area with the map. And map data = landing sites.

Why was the GF trooper being attacked by Pirate Milittia instead of regular troops? And why is he in the research facility?


Boss Fight: Gandrayda

Argh. Lots of health. If you get grabbed, shake her off, then screw attack her. Attack each form like normal enemies in that form. Avoid the acid rain.

Where is this 'Chozo tech'?

Powerworks, in Western Skytown.

How do I get the gear in place? All it does is spin!

Shoot it with a charged shot, while it's in the air.

Where to now? Disable the defences, or get the Acid Shield?

Acid Shield (unless you want to skip it, but that's not recommended on a first time play). You can get to it with the Spider Ball.

I can't get in to the Defence system's room! What do I do?

You need a new weapon. One of the transport systems near here should take you to the pirate mines.

I'm in the room with the Nova beam, now what?

Kill 2 of 3 pirates, and weaken the last. When the beam switches from destroy to suck, start shooting the last pirate. Then, destroy the flashing panel around the cannon.

How do I get out?

Use the X-ray Visor

I can't disable the defence system! There's too many Commandos!

The Commandos have a weak spot which you can hit with X-ray visor and Nova beam. Lock on, switch visors, and shoot at the center of the screen. You should hit it. Also, you can hit the power orb thingies with a snow X-ray visor (you're just firing blind).

Do I get a reward if all 12 Demolition troopers make it though?

Why, yes, you do: You get a Gold Credit, for, IIRC, perfect escort.

How do I get 4 through?

By this point you should have at least 7 energy tanks, so you can basically abuse Hypermode as much as you want. Go hyper, and take out everything you can.

How do I kill the Pirate Commander?

Firstly, remember to heal in the phazon pool in the room before. Now, go hyper, and Keep attacking. Only go for the commander. Once he's dead, Kill everything else.

Seed Boss Fight: Omega Ridley

Its Ridley [Fangirl Scream]!!!
*Ahem*. Omega Ridley is split into three phases. First, Shoot his mouth (when vulnerable), then Pump phazon into his chest. Second, shoot his mouth then use your X-ray visor to target the weak spots. Finally, go hyper as he does his bombing attack, then cancel, and do what you did in the first phaze (it's just much, much harder).

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11 years ago#7
Cleanup/Endgame spoilers

So, now what?

Explore the Valhalla.

Energy Cells? Does that mean fetch quest?

Yep, unfortunately.

How do I get the item location map data for the Pirate Homeword?

Once you've gotten the Nova Beam upgrade, go to the Chozo Observatory. There should be a phazite panel on the wall at the bottom. Use the X-ray visor (or don't, as you don't need to), and shoot inside it. The rest should be fairly obvious.

I have 95%+, and I've looked on all of the maps, where are the last items?

There are two items you can get in Bryyo Ice, which you cannot see unless you are there (since there is no landing site). There are six items on the GFS Valhalla: It's easy to miss the one on the elevator, in particular.

How do I get the energy cell in the Hidden Court (Bryyo)?

This one is difficult. Nearby, there's a giant Mogenar Statue head. Get your ship to pick it up. Then, progress towards the western generator area, where you can put the Mogenar head down. Go into the next room and use the spinner, then backtrack to a landing site, and fly to Thorn Jungle Airdock. In the northern AA gun room, pick up the energy block thing (with the ship), progress through the area, and keep going to the Hidden Court. Drop it down, and progress to the Energy Cell.

Do I go to Phaaze now?

Are you happy with your item collection rate? If so, yes. Board the Leviathan, enter the access codes, and rendevous with the Fleet.

My health fills too fast on Phaaze! How can I heal?

Well, asides from collecting Anti-Phazon units, you can find a Phazon Puffer. Wait for it to heal you a bit, then kill it. Alternately, you can use the hyper grapple to inject phazon into Phaz-Ings, which lowers your health.

How do I scan the Leviathan Infant

This is easily the hardest part of the game. Well, mabey not, but it's frustrating. Try to aim at an angle, and it may be a little easier.

Final Boss: Dark Samus

Shoot! Keep shooting uncharged shots, unless she's invulnerable. Also, destroy the pillars ASAP. They give lots of health, and she wastes time remaking them (which also gives you more health).

Final Boss II: Aurora Unit

Shoot the tentacles, then the yellow spot that appears. Repeat. Avoid the Laser, it's damaging. Destroy the Dark Samus Clones and the cannon attacks (aim into the sky and hold Z, IMO it makes them easier to target). When it's stunned, boost ball over, pull the plating off and pump phazon in.

Final Final Boss: Aurora Unit - Head

I'm rubbish at this fight. It leaves itself vulnerable alot. When it does it's laser spider attack, it's possible to get underneath and hit it for MASSIVE DAMAGE. When it prepares to drop a bomb, it leaves a cannon underneath vulnerable. Destroying it stuns the AU.

User Info: Tables

11 years ago#8
Ending Spoilers from now onwards

What's the ending?

Phaaze explodes, Samus escapes, sends a message (MISSION COMPLETE) to Admiral Dane, flys off.

What's difference does percentage make to the ending?

The 75% ending has Samus sitting on the main docking bay in Skytown, thinking about the other hunters. The 100% ending shows a blue ship following Samus at the end.

Now what?

Well, you now can play on hypermode, which is where it's really at, so to speak. Or you can try and get all of the credits. Or try the 22% run. Or do a speedrun. Or all of them, if it takes your fancy. Or, you can leave the game, to play again at a later date/never again.


Did you hear the joke about the delicious sandwich?
I heard that it's really cheesy...

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11 years ago#9

also, request sticky if not done so already
Did you hear the joke about the delicious sandwich?
I heard that it's really cheesy...

User Info: Tables

11 years ago#10
Did you hear the joke about the delicious sandwich?
I heard that it's really cheesy...
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