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User Info: KKinsane

12 years ago#1
First of all, the save file doesn't work it comes up as corrupt data, and as the ps2 version cheats are impossible to use on the psp version and there are no faqs specifically for the psp version it means amassing vast amounts of cash and playing the game normally to unlock everything. (in options there is no "type here" section to input ps2 version cheats...just grayed out cheats...)

so..how do you get the cheats on the psp version? is there a working 100% save state or do I have to complete the game and buy each track/video separately?

I am also shocked that there is nothing in this section but a board when it is not the same as other console versions of the game. I may write one or at least add to the cheats section explaining how to get them once I find out.

also props to whoever coded this game, I've never seen a better game based on a musician, with all the videos and tunes, fully sik idea :)
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