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User Info: SweetHotArtist

2 years ago#1
No Chair

I have experienced similar problems (falling from random edge) >___> and I ask the same question. But I have different hardware.

Optimal Healer

I try my best to answer you. I could say so, but I still don't know what AGI does. Maybe I'd need more things....

Slot Machine

You could check your link again, it has been so many years....

Reviving Spell

Once you die (HP reaches zero), no fairies can help you.

Pillars In Jigramunt

Shoulder Ride (Iytei) (FAQ)

Golden Bones

People have different opinions about the exact location for them, while I don't know them very exactly too.
These two locations have been found by me and by someone else (see PS2 message board):
1. The last save point door at Baljhet Mountain.
2. Hordes of Skeletons before Blood Skeletons (separated by a door) at Garibaldi Tower B1.
3. Some people say that every place with skeletons only could have a golden skeleton, but there have been no evidence to it.


The answer will be very long, but all of the information are there on the FAQ. Thanks ^_^

Map By Starion??

I can't even find the map made by Starion on the most popular search engine.

User Info: SweetHotArtist

2 years ago#2

...........You should get some correct distance for the uppercut way to succeed iirc... and have to use Short Sword kind...

It's better if you could evade the claw and manage some distance than blocking the claw
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