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User Info: Foxhound3857

2 years ago#1
-Lv99 Hector
-100% Map Completion
-All HP Max Ups
-All Accessories, Items and Equipment
-100% Complete Combine Chart
-100% Complete Bestiary, with all Drops and all Steals acquired

Have a perfect Trevor file as well, 100% Map with all Stat Boosts.

Only thing left is to make my ultimate ID's. I'm building my S1's to 99, then I'm going to level very specific forms of their 2nd and 3rd gen descendants to 99 to maximize stat growth, then on their 4th Evo I'm going to fight Lv11 Skeletons to minimize the levels gained while acquiring all their skills before I take them to 99 as well.

One question regarding equipment: Are the Strength/Con boosts from Makasado Helmet and Dracula's Clothes worth using over the raw defense of Maximillian Armor and Cross Helmet? I either have 105 Attack and 126 Defense with the Max Armor and Cross Helmet, or 115 Attack and 105 Defense with the Makasado Helmet and Drac Clothes, using the Laser Blade. I'd also imagine that Resist Dark is a bit more useful than Resist Light.
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  3. Finally have a perfect Crazy mode file.
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