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User Info: BloodFalcon64

6 years ago#1
This was the game that I bought when PS3 launched. I didn't play too much multiplayer, but had a lot of fun with the single player. I remember being pretty impressed by the graphics and the storyline seven years ago. I thought the chimera were pretty intriguing.

I was disappointed with the two sequels though. They changed the gameplay to be more like Call of Duty/Halo which was common at the time. My biggest problem with the second one was how they changed the story characteristics of the chimera. In the first one, they traveled by burrowing underground, and were extremely sensitive to heat and warmth. In the second one, they had all sorts of flying machines, and could survive in desert climates no problem.

A very memorable scene for me from R1 was when Hale emerges to street level and sees that it is snowing in mid summer if I remember correctly. I thought that was pretty cool.

Oh well, this game was a lot of fun for me and served its purpose as a solid launch title. Hopefully some of the PS4 launch lineup can do the same thing.

User Info: razzkazz

6 years ago#2
This was my first PS3 game as well. It seems to get written off by a lot of people these days but it was an amazing launch title; and imo is still a great game in general. The campaign was really long for an FPS and the story and presentation were original and awesome; and the weapons are still some of the best of the generation. It was the perfect game to demonstrate next-gen potential, the graphics look overly shiny and plain by today's standard but they blew my mind at the time. And I remember spending several minutes in some rooms just knocking around all of the random objects like water jugs and being in awe of the physics. The multiplayer was pretty basic, and I definitely preferred the campaign, but it kept me entertained for a long time.

I totally agree with you on the sequels. The main thing I missed in R2 was the history channel style storytelling, not sure why they got rid of that but it felt like it had no personality without it. The pacing felt off too, it bored me almost from the beginning and the whole game felt like a chore to play through. The only thing I really liked in the entire game was addition of the minigun with the forcefield.

I haven't beaten Resistance 3, it's a clear improvement but it's so tonally different that I have a hard time getting interested in it. The only sequel that managed to keep the atmosphere and presentation style of the original is Retribution on PSP (to be fair, I haven't played Burning Skies but I'm assuming it's different because everyone says it's terrible). I'm still working my way through Retribution, it can be pretty challenging, but it's great. It makes me wonder how differently the series could've gone if they didn't try a different style with each iteration.

User Info: SamuriChameleon

6 years ago#3
I was gonna play this game earlier for a little bit and I ended up playing through half the story. Seven years later and this game still has it! Too bad the multiplayer's (unsurprisingly) dead.
"Meaning is subjective and therefore meaningless."

User Info: Outer_space

6 years ago#4
I played this game so much when it first came out. The only complaint I had was that the campaign only had local co-op. My brother and I died a lot trying to beat the game on superhuman difficulty lol.

User Info: BloodFalcon64

6 years ago#5
I don't think we'll be seeing a new Resistance title for PS4, and in a way I'm ok with that. For a series that began on PS3 to have three entries on one console is impressive in itself, regardless of their individual quality.

Like you said it's too bad we will never see other directions the series could have gone in. I suppose it is too much of a financial risk to make a unique shooter while Call of Duty and Battlefield are the big fish in the pond.

Which is odd because people who buy the yearly CoD will immediately detract a game like Resistance with the term "generic shooter". The irony is totally lost on them.
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