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User Info: Mr_AJ

11 years ago#71
They did send what small troops we had to get slaugthered by the Germans.
What with the Aussies being quality not quantity perhaps they wouldn't get slaugthered.
Realisticly the best i can probably hope for is a mention of Australia somewhere in Resistance 2 or 3.

Are there any games which feature Australia - besides Crash Bandicoot of course.
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User Info: terwallace

11 years ago#72
Front Mission 3. It took place in Australia, Japan and China, mostly. Pretty fun game too.

User Info: vincere0

11 years ago#73
black ops is a red herring. a falsity. if every nation knows....what it is then dimply its nonsense like this message board.....ridiculous
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User Info: SkaterSeth10

11 years ago#74
this post was amazing
thanks a ton, and yeah I checked that october date on RFOMPS3 website, it seems like if you can zoom in, you should be able to read past all the X's on the documents
I didnt look at it too closely though

The screenshots for Resistance 2 look amazing

User Info: Rathian_Warrior

11 years ago#75
I have a few questions. I noticed one of the posts in York-Lone Survivor and Thames-Giant Slayer was missing, and I wondered why that was. Also, what are the "Custodians live below meniscus"?

User Info: tonydrazor

11 years ago#76

Just wondering..Its been a while since I finished the game, but was there not two different types of Black Ops troops (by different I mean different uniforms)? The black ops teams that are obviously Americans from the VOX chatter but I remember wondering if the ones that were dressed differently were potentialy Brit Special Forces (SAS)? As they were more of an established special force during that period than an American Equivalent!

I could be very wrong and not remembering it correctly!!!!

User Info: gamer_got_skill

11 years ago#77
its funny....i played the game on coop and i didt care about the beeping but my friend just yelled out "THATS MORSE CODE" unfortunatly neither of us knew how to decrypt morse code so we played through,and a question to _Akiba_ how many times did you play through the game to get all that info?i played through once and got about 3/4s of that.awesome job
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User Info: Pur3evil666

11 years ago#78
On rfomps3 if you click on the pictures or objects you can move them or see them in more details, on the cloven one which has details about map pack 1 if you click on the pictures you see them in more detail with writing documenting what they are about. One of the pictures shows a black ops man with an arc charger blasting a chimera with a human soldier next to him. The writing next to it says about a US platoon sent to recover data from a recon base. Then "unspecified hostile operators" attack killing the humans and the cloven, an hour later bodies of americans and cloven are found with no traces of anything else apart from the command room which is "blackened by thermite grenades"
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User Info: TheGoldenState

11 years ago#79
Why was this stickied?

User Info: DeadCell222

11 years ago#80
We need a Cloven FAQ.
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