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User Info: Jerucho

10 years ago#111

the chimera could have also come from antarctica, or the north pole, and that's how the US knew about the chimera. they killed all of them there but the russians took them back to russia to experiment. Mexico is probably completely oblivious to all of this. also, britain leaders probably knew too, like american leaders, and were just waiting for all of this to happen with hale and everything. thats where the black ops come in, cause they help hale by creating paths for him, and british leaders create missions for him with the help of black ops possibly. africa is almost dead now anyway, chimera affecting them wouldnt be good because there arent many people there. and the chimera can change the weather, like in london, so anywhere is a possibility for chimera.

User Info: MATT007

10 years ago#112
Great post. But how did you decode the morse code? Do you have knowledge of the code or did you get someone to decode it for you? And what does "Pause Game Code" mean?
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User Info: MATT007

10 years ago#113
^^^ I mean "Pause screen code"
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User Info: go_packers333

10 years ago#114
Some dude called Malikov created the Cloven as an experiment, he also created those black ops, the are called the sentinels.

User Info: DeadCeII

9 years ago#115
This game is fun :D
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User Info: coolcole9155

8 years ago#116
Good info
Panic is not advised, although it is recommended.

User Info: coolcole9155

8 years ago#117
Now that R2 is out, it gives lots more info.
Panic is not advised, although it is recommended.

User Info: Outer_space

7 years ago#118

User Info: TheGoldenState

5 years ago#119
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