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User Info: kefka_rules

12 years ago#11
If I remember correctly, the last scene was called 'A very bad choice'. That's kind of important!
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User Info: Pur3evil666

12 years ago#12
Yeah cos if it's called "a very bad choice" then that must mean that Hale would have been better off pulling the pin on the grenade than going with the black ops.

User Info: marky1992

12 years ago#13
dat moarse code thingy did u wrk dat out
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User Info: Eo1spy

12 years ago#14
It is actually called 'A Fateful Choice' :)

User Info: smeags11

12 years ago#15
Very nice man

User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#16
lol anyone know how to request this to be sticky?
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User Info: Latinbatos

12 years ago#17
a sticky would help, good work man!

User Info: yankee_hater

12 years ago#18

this should be stickied
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User Info: MiserySignal

12 years ago#19
I wondered what the hell the beeping was. The first time I heard it, I searched my room trying to find out what it was before I realised it was coming from the TV.

This FAQ also helps a lot with the story and the "secret" ending after the credits. I may not have understood it if it wasn't for you. So thank you.

This should be stickied.
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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#20
^^ ya thanks for the support guys
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