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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#1
Black Ops Intel


Greetings Soldier, as you played through Resistance Fall Of Man, you found yourself in deep conflict against the Chimerans. As you get farther and farther throughtout the Battlefield, you seem to notice is it only the American Soldiers and British Troops against the war with the Chimeras. As some of you might of notice, in the later levels towards the end, you might of notice a couple of dead bodies ... sometimes next to a crashed helicopter, or just in the battlefield. As you step over these bodys, you notice they are wearing Armor, a Dark Black Armor, and when you are near them you start hearing BEEPS radio signals, which is Moarse Code. Also throught the game if you pause in some levels at a certain part, you will also hear moarse code in the pause screen.

Video Clips

What/Who are Black Ops

A black operation, or black op, is the generally accepted worldwide military parlance for types of covert operations typically involving activities that are either secret or of questionable ethics and legality. The term itself is often used in political, military, intelligence and business circles. Agents or persons who specialise or are involved in a black operation are typically referred to as a "Black operator" or "black operative."


Black Ops missions often fall into the deniability category, where no government will claim responsibility for the action, or where responsibility is shifted to another actor in the case of a "false flag" operation. This type of operation is normally used by various secret services to achieve some goals while trying to operate secretly (so the connection between "black operations" and secret agents or even the country of their origin cannot be found). The methods used in black operations are also used in unconventional warfare and includes actions like assassinations, espionage, sabotages, and supporting of resistance movements.
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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#2

In 1921, Russia initiated a communications blackout with the rest of the world, and built a wall against its European border called the "Red Curtain". Word spreads of small towns, villages, and eventually cities in Russia and Eastern Europe that are destroyed within a single night. A strange cold front also develops over Russia and spreads outwards. European intelligence agencies attempt to listen in on Russian radio stations only to hear a single message repeated over and over: "Brotherhood, Strength, and Fortitude...in the face of the angry night."

In December 1949, the Red Curtain is suddenly breached by numerous Chimera forces. The Chimera overrun continental Europe by February 1950, leaving very few survivors. The Chimera then proceed to dig underneath the English Channel, invading England in late 1950. The bulk of the British forces are wiped out, with the rest fleeing to scattered bases in the northern parts of Britain.

So on

The game starts in 1951, with the protagonist, Sgt. Nathan Hale, as part of the United States Army Rangers' 5,000-man task force to help liberate Britain and to retrieve a secret weapon that the British claim can be used against the Chimera. However, the force is quickly wiped out by a Chimeran spire attack, which infects all of the soldiers with the Chimeran virus, soon after landing in York. Hale, the only survivor, appears to be infected with the virus despite not having gone into a coma; he possesses increased metabolism and limited regeneration, and his irises have become gold/yellow, somewhat like the Chimera. He now harnesses the power to use sym-bacs, the game's version of health packs.

Hale continues on his mission, along the way meeting with and rescuing Captain Rachel Parker while escaping from a Chimeran conversion center in Grimsby. Parker assists Hale over the radio for the rest of his mission. Hale and the British forces eventually manage to deliver the secret weapon to one of the Resistance's headquarters, only for it to be attacked by Chimeran forces shortly afterward. It is revealed that the "secret weapon" is actually an "Angel", a Chimeran creature that British Intelligence was able to capture. The Angels are the most powerful form of Chimera creature, and British Intelligence theorizes that they control the rest of the Chimera forces through some form of telepathy. The Angel attempts to enter into Hale's mind, but he manages to resist against it and kills the creature after emptying an entire magazine from his assault rifle into its head.

Hale continues with the war effort, assisted by Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright, a British commando. The two of them eventually discover that the Chimera have established a series of metallic Towers throughout Britain, all inter-connected by a series of underground power conduits. Oddly, evidence indicates that the Towers were excavated, not constructed, adding more mystery as to the origin of the Chimera. Hale enters the underground Chimeran tunnels and discovers that the Chimera's main Tower in Britain is in London. Through his connection to the Chimera, Hale comes to the conclusion that destroying the central Tower will somehow result in the total defeat of the Chimera in England.

The British and American forces launch one final, desperate attack against the main Tower in London. Hale manages to reach the top of the Tower and destroy its central nuclear fission reactor, resulting in a massive explosion that demolishes the main Tower. The reaction propagates along the Chimera conduit network, destroying all the Towers in Britain and killing all of the Angels inside. With the Angels dead, the remaining Chimera forces quickly die off. Parker theorizes that they are simply unable to survive without the presence of the Angels. While England is liberated from the Chimeran forces, the rest of Europe continues to be occupied by the Chimera.
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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#3
Talk about the Credits

As for all you soldiers who beat the game and watch the cutscenes, you see that Hale is taken captive by BlackOps Soldiers.

Which look very identical to the other Black Ops soldiers you see dead throughout the game. Who have Morse Code as you walk near them, or English Radio Chatter.

Online Skin

Ok now here are two Black Ops skin you can unlock online, by beating the game completely at 100%

Ok Notice the first one, standard Black Ops armor.

Now There is another Black Ops armor, but instead of having a helmet covering the head, an Human Skull is place there instead. What we can learn from this is that Black Ops are human not chimera.
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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#4
Morse Code Translation
(York) 'Gauntlet'
Pause screen code: "Red forces encountered. Non-uniform opposition confirmed."

(York) 'A Lone Survivor'
Pause screen code: N/A

(York) 'Spires'
Pause screen code: "Biological attack imminent. Stand down. Observe any resistance."

(Grimsby) 'Fates worse than death'
Pause screen code: "Red facility located. Study of infection path proceeding."

(Grimsby) 'Conversion'
Pause screen code: "Friendly interception anticipated. Abort Grayskin capture."

(Grimsby) 'Hunted Down'
Pause screen code: "Friendly intelligence chatter positive to Grayskin's resistance."

(Manchester) 'Path of Least Resistance'
Pause screen code: "Red anti air potential excessive. Hold off insertion."

(Manchester) 'The Cathedral'
Pause screen code: "Grayskin encounter with angel inevitable."

(Manchester) 'Outgunned'
Pause screen code: "Red tunnel network supports grid theory."

(Nottingham) 'Into the fire'
Pause screen code: "Friendly excavation investigation pending."

(Nottingham) 'Conduits'
Pause screen code: "Red forces at friendly base in zone L770."

(Nottingham) 'Viper's Nest'
Pause screen code: "Grayskin cut off in friendly base. Red forces present."

(Cheshire) 'No Way Out'
Pause screen code: "Grayskin exposure compromises sensitive data."

(Cheshire) 'Secrets'
Pause screen code: "Angel presence in base confirmed."
Dead XR code: "Cloven enroute. Purge base of shift data once grayskin clear"

(Cheshire) 'Angel'
Pause screen code: "Grayskin identified in zone R16."

(Somerset) 'Search and Rescue'
Pause screen code: "Friendly escort limited. Grayskin recapture is go."

(Somerset) 'Common Ground'
Pause screen code: "Sequoia type 6 tower confirmed. Grayskin shows no reaction to active tharp field."

(Somerset) 'A Disturbing Discovery'
Pause screen code: "Blue units evacuated from friendly base. Remaining evidence of blue presence negligible."
Dead XR code: "Team nine sabotage goliath spire launchers at assembly site and report."

(Bristol) 'Devil at the Door'
Pause screen code: "Evacuation of tier one personnel imperative. Red side capture t...."

(Bristol) 'Evacuation'
Pause screen code: "Evacuation proceeding to zone K5 to join blue force."

(Bristol) 'Parting Ways'
Pause screen code: "Grayskin believed enroute to Pandora."

(Bracknell) 'Into the Depths'
Pause screen code: "Team 6 lost contact in tunnels. Presumed eliminated."
Dead XR code: "Visit Insomniac Games dot com for Resistance Fall of Man unlockable skins."
Dead XR voice comms:
"X-Ray 3, maintain safe forward observation distance. Confirmation of Grayskin's regenerative ability is priority one. X5 needs all available intel for target recovery."
"X-Ray, aerial surveillance has tracked Grayskin into tunnel network. Confirm coordinates and report."
"X-Ray 3, route extrapolation indicates your present course terminates in Red structure. Extent of defense is unknown. Recommend proceed with extreme caution. Unobserved support of target is acceptable."

(Bracknell) 'In a Darker Place'
Pause screen code: "Blue forces enroute to London. Secondary units establishing foothold HQ."

(London) 'A Desperate Gamble'
Pause screen code: "Grayskin located. Floating box escort resumed."
Dead soldier code (XR): "Visit RFOMPS3 dot com and enter node password frozen fortress"

(London) 'Ice and Iron'
Pause screen code: "Route to pandora cleared of anti air."

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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#5
(Thames) 'Burning Bridges'
Pause screen code: "Goliath units closing on pandora assault force."
Dead XR code: "Visit RFOMPS3 dot com and enter node password several concerns"
Dead XR voice comms:
"X-Ray Six, come in. Opportunity window for safe recovery is closing. Grayskin proximity to Pandora presents unacceptable risk. Commit to recovery of Grayskin and any other targets of opportunity."
"X-Ray Four, come in. X-Ray Four, do you read?"
"X-Ray Six, investigate whereabouts of Four. Last coordinates eighty-eight by seventeen. Red anti-air cover is unknown. Proceed with caution. Report status upon recovery."

(Thames) 'On the Ice'
Pause screen code: "Friendly breach of Pandora. Team 4 escort collection units below meniscus."

(Thames) 'Giant Slayer'
Pause screen code: N/A

(Tower) 'Angel's Lair'
Pause screen code: "Custodians live below meniscus. Mission window closing. Secure hope device at any cost."

(Tower) 'Last Hope'
Pause screen code: "Grayskin intercept failed. Execute secondary objecives. Corvus inbound."
Dead XR code: "Tharp spikes traced to Grayskin. Shifted teams ranged actions only."


(XR) X-Ray agents: Certain radio chatter in the game calls the guys dressed in black, the ones that emit morse code from their corpses, X-Ray agents. These are also the men who 'capture' hale at the very end of the game, after credits roll... note the 'XR' on the VTOL. Their presence in the game is mysterious... but a lot of speculation and chatter about them has been going on in other topics and forums.

Reds, Blues, and Grayskin: It has been speculated that 'Reds' refers to the Chimera, 'Grayskin' to Hale, and 'Blues' to the American forces in Britain. They seem to be seperate from the XR units, but the XRs are still concerned about covering up the blue presence at one of the British bases.

Pandora: The main Chimera tower in London.

Hope Device: It is possible that the 'Hope Device' is actually an atomic bomb of some sort. Perhaps the XR (or whoever) planned on nuking the London tower had Hale failed... as a fail safe, but called it off when it looked like Hale might destroy it himself.

Corvus: The constellation 'Corvus' is called the crow, or raven. So Corvus could be the name of one of the XR VTOLs or just a general codename for any of them. Maybe the one that picks up Hale at the end...?

Tharp: The name 'Tharp' appears at rfomps3.com at an event on October, 1938. Please note that when looking at this event, some text has been censored out.
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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#6
Information that others seem to conclude
1. The Chimeran virus is extraterrestial. It undoubtedly came in with the meteor that crashed in Siberia and Russia began experimenting with it.

2. Chimera are a combination of the alien virus and human. It stands to reason that the Chimera were created in Russian labs as experiments - how else can you explain the discovery and use of such concepts as cooling apparatus on Hybrids, or the multi-body creations such as Titans. The chimera virus may have been alien, but the technological developments and Chimeran creature creations are intentional and highly logical. Also, if you listen to Chimera in the game they speak and have intelligence - hence, they are not unthinking tools or monsters. Chimera, being a warped mix of virus and human, likely have intellectual powers on par or perhaps enchanced over that of humans. If the Chimera were 100% extraterrestial, there would be no need for them to merge with human bodies, nor would they have metabolic issues. If the Chimeran conversion process still retains certain prior knowledge of the converted human, it stands to reason that the Chimera might have a system of rule similar to that of Communist Russia.

3. Chimeran construction might not be excavated due to centuries prior placement. As noted on both the RFOMPS3.com site, and in game, there are several mentions of serious seismic activity both in the months leading up to and post the English Invasion. In fact, the Chimera are indicated to have very fast, talented diggers. They dug under the Channel, and they dug through the Thames too. You even see how fast one of their diggers can move at one point. Thus it would be easy for the Chimeran forces to prepare underground towers and tunnels quickly and easily. Only when you needed to run conduits above ground due to bad soil conditions or to excavate so that a tower can function would a Chimera ever be required to build on the surface.

4. The Cloven are the remenants of Russians who attempted to resistant the Red/Chimeran threat, but that in their resistance they became something fanatical, less than human. They dislike humans apparently, but they hate Chimera more. However, they apparently have some sort of spy apparatus or are in some way in communication with the Americans - otherwise they would have had no knowledge of the US landing in York. But there is intel that shows the Cloven intentionally lured the Chimera to fight the Americans. This means the Cloven are a big mystery.

5. America knows. America has known about the Chimera for a number of years before the expansion outside of Russia. And apparently, has been secretly helping out the British forces in their fight against the Chimera. Much in the way that the US and her allies shared nuclear secrets in WW2, apparently the US and Britain have been sharing data about Chimera with each other. Nathan Hale was expected to get infected. the X-Ray Black Ops squad calls him Grayskin. Hale was to be guarded and assisted. He is apparently the testbed of a new drug designed to limit the aount of conversion the Chimera virus can perform. Hence Black Ops to observe his combat performance and to make sure he was not destroyed before he could be fully analyzed. Nathan Hale is the US secret weapon. Also, the X-Ray Black Ops squad calls Chimeran Stalkers and Goliaths 'Red AA' - along with several similar morse code messages, further indication that the Chimera retain some sort of connection to the Communist government.

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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#7
6. Thanks to the decoding of the Morse code messages, we know something even better - The so-called Tharp field must be part of the Chimeran control system - however if it means Chimeran communication or some other effect is still too unkown. The X-ray message occurs after Hale has had direct contact with the Angel, and was not controlled, and his continued presence in and near Chimeran fortifications he still retains his independence. Tharp's document on RFOMPS3.com has been heavily redacted, but we must assume that Tharp has reports of research on some kind of emissions coming from Russia as a result of the Chimeran build up. Note, Tharp's memo in 1938 is the same year that Sweden has it's coldest winter ever and the Chimera/Soviets have begun depopulating Batlic states for research victims. This means that undoubtedly, the Tharp fields are in direct connection to either Chimeran communication systems(Angels), or their weather control systems.

7. Chimeran use a radio-wave like form of telepathy. This is hinted at in game due to the Angel's mysterious functions, but it is beyond a shadow of a doubt. For example, it is able to pass through metals and walls with ease, so it must be a wave-form emission. Also, no Chimera carries a radio, so we must make 1 of the following 2 assumptions - A) that chimeran communications is short ranged, and that the reason for the tower network is not just environmental, but also for logistics purposes. Or B) Chimeran communication is long range, hence why the angel was able to call for support even while locked in a specimen container deep inside Northern Command. It is likely a combination of the two. This would mean that the actual number of Angel required to direct the Chimera would be rather small, as 1 Chimera could communicate over vast ammounts of land. This view is further supported by in-game actions, where even after Hale killed 5+ Angels the Chimera were barely affected. But, for a small number of Angels to sufficiently control an entire country, Towers likely act as a signal booster, hence the complex network. This Tharp field amplification is by Tower acitivity - which is also for environmental change - so that their eventual destruction caused a painful twisting to the Tharp field, destroying or crippling all Chimera in some unkown proximity to the London/UK Tower network.

Unanswered Questions
While the map shows them as being Chimeran territory, the Chimera require cooler climates to function effectively, Africa and the Middle East should likely still be un-converted or at least have a lot of resistance left over. Middle and East Asia are a grabbag of temperate, cold, and warm climates, so there is a possibility that some sections of Asia have been converted, but it likely remains mostly unconverted. Notedly, Australia is apparently a safe Haven. However, Australia is not the only safe haven. The way in which Australia is referred to indicates that a second city or country was chosen as an alternate safe location. Perhaps Greenland or Madagascar?

What of the North Pole and Canada? In winter months, esp. with Chimeran/Red cooling technology, it is sometimes possible for there to be a solid ice wall connecting some parts of Russia and Canada. Has Canada been infected? Why were their bombings at the US/Canada border? Was the Mexican bombing a diversion to distract people from possible fighting in Canada? Or is there some attempt by both the Canadians and Mexicans to enter the US as a safe haven? Alaska is apparently safe due to the signifcant presence of US forces, for the time being at least.
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User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#8
Chimeran reproduction is a serious issue. Apparently the Chimera do not reproduce through some modification of the human method(as one might expect due to having been human), and apparently Chimeran life is not long - hence the not insignificant numbers of Grey Jacks - as well as the constant number of deaths their combat tactics create. Do the Chimera maintain a batch of human male and females kept for the sole purpose of breeding? It seems possible that even an infected baby could, with enough energy resources supplied, be converted into a normal hybrid. Or is the internal of russia still signifcantly Chimera-free because the Chimera are actually controlled by Russians? Perhaps the scientists figured out how to create and control Angels?

And a 2nd thought occurs to me regarding Hale and X-Ray. It is possible upon 2nd thought that Hale is called Grayskin not because he represents the middle ground between human and Chimera, but because he is an unknown - a gray area. I think this is a less likely scenario based on X-rays presence even in the london central tower, but there is a chance of it. Also, what else was considered a target of opportunity by X-rays leader?

What is meant by the subtitle, Fall of Man? In the game, man has been losing to the Chimera but has not lost yet, as Africa and the Americas apparently still remain free. Does Hales symbiotic relationship with the Chimeran virus perhaps represent the true fall of man? As Hale ends up something not quite human, so too could all those who use and abuse the potentional that Hale represents.

Finally, where are the Cloven during all of this? Is there perhaps a 2nd virus, or an Earth viral mutation that powers the Cloven so that they knew that Hale would come and do what he did?

As we end up our FAQS on the Black Ops/X-ray we have to wait for Resistance 2 / Resistance Rise of Man to see what happens after Hale gets taken in by the Black Ops
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User Info: Kiroshin

12 years ago#9
Wow, all this information is really helpful. I think this deserves a STICKY!

User Info: _Akiba_

12 years ago#10
^^ thanks Jon
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