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User Info: GoldenFox98

10 years ago#1
Anybody still lurk here? Just wondering and if so I'd be open to hearing anything about this game that isn't a spoiler since I just bought the cart for $10.
"I want to be able to have my Wii spit out Chex Mix every time I land a punch in Smash Brothers Brawl." - Some Guy

User Info: just_nonplussed

10 years ago#2
well, don't know what you mean by 'spoiler', but there isn't much of a story.
i can describe my impressions though. the level design is fairly conventional and typical of a sidescrolling 'platformer'. just imagine the regular ingrediants for a sidescrolling platformer, but replace all weapons with the drill dozer. the drill dozer is used to clear all obstacles, including enemies, bosses and environmental baracades. as the game progresses you discover and learn new ways of applying the drill dozer. controls are streamlined and feel great (shoulder buttons and d pad).

i like it because the drill dozer fits perfectly within the world, like a puzzle that needs you to solve it.

also if you have a gameboy player and two gamecube controllers, you can but the first controller on your lap while playing with the second controller and feel the vibrations.
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