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  3. i bought it 2 days ago and i have to say that im loving it.

User Info: PSOGuy25

11 years ago#1
im on metal city part one, i have to say this level is not nice w/ the screw puzzles. and it has made me mad more than one time on the timer block w/ screws combined. i have collected 7 of the treasures so far, and i am not sure what getting them do past the fact that many of em fit into a color coded selection like there are 3 of this color, 4 of another, and 1 of this. i read reviews that say that you can open up bonus levels later on, i just got the hard drill bit for the purple blocks, the game feels a lot like the SNES megaman games where you completed levels but couldnt get all the stuff til you went back later w/ more equipment addons. and i have to say that right now, my energy tank is at the max and i have the hard drill, and it looks like there is still a ton of stuff available to buy that isnt even opened up yet, not to mention the treasures you are unable to get til you have a completely upgraded dozer.

the music is awesome, the levels are fast and furious, and even the puzzles w/ the screws and the drill springs and the time blocks make you move faster than normal and are frustrating. I LOVE THIS game, and my DS vibrates great, although i suspect i would feel it more if i had a GBA SP.
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User Info: mattnd2007

11 years ago#2
i just got this game 2 days ago for $10 at a target. it is pretty awesome so far.
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User Info: 1upsuper

11 years ago#3
I just picked this up several hours ago at a local GameStop for $7.99. I have yet to try it but it looks promising. =)
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  3. i bought it 2 days ago and i have to say that im loving it.
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