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User Info: Exdeath8

8 years ago#1
I was just wondering what the different abilities you get on your mobile suit mean? I keep on leveling them up but I have no idea what sb-ammo or mw-ammo mean. Did it say somewhere and I missed it? Thanks.

User Info: NoTruthNoProb

8 years ago#2
I'll use the example from the weapons upgrades since they are easiest to understand; most of the things that say 'ammo' on them increase either the main weapon or the sub weapon (like rocket packs, machine guns etc). Its easiest when you are using the suit that you are upgrading to notice when the beam rifle jumps from 12 shots before an upgrade and then up to 18 afterward. Basically the ammo ones increase the number of shots.

The offensive upgrades alternatively tend to do kinda... random stuff. I know Melee and Shot ups damage by a certain percent but for me its usually once it reaches 20% or so you start noticing because it takes one less beam or rocket to take something down. The 'critical hit' thing I honestly believe is just bull though, I don't think it actually does anything or maybe that 5% just doesn't happen enough for me to notice it since there isn't anything indicating that it happens. As far as defensive upgrades go, I usually notice the one where I get the shield but honestly I've never stood around getting shot at or meleed just to notice the difference.

I hope this helps. If not, give me exact examples of what you want to know about and maybe I can figure it out with you.
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