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User Info: GodGundamNT1

8 years ago#1
Obikenobi Gundam Crossfire does not cause the PS3 to get too hot!!

I wanted to point this out to you, I actually own a PlayStation 3 60GB that I disassembled in January of 2011 to clean and apply Artic Silver 5 thermal compound and later I cured it by running Gran Turismo 5 on Ferrari races since all of them are Premium cars for 20 hours.

My PS3 60GB runs very cool and the only reason I did that was because of GTAIV the complete edition causing the fans to spool up to loud, it was the only game that was doing that.

I beat Gundam Crossfire back in 2007 when I purchased it, however even after I got Kidou Shenshi Gundam 0081 Senki, I went back to re-play Gundam Crossfire and the reason you see slow down or framerate slow down has NOTHING to do with the console getting hot or too hot.

The reason for that slow down is because the game was a launch title meant to attract Gundam fans into buying a PS3 mainly in Japan where Gundam based games usually sold 1 million copies minimum.

Yes the game was rushed.

Yes the game was missing things we were taking for granted.

Yes the game was not that great.

However Gundam Crossfire/Target in Sight IS still a SOLID Gundam game that did bring NEXT GEN or Current Gen software features like more complex Physics which previous Gundam games did have but not as complex as current gen.

Gundam Crossfire also tried to be more simulation like and focused on ground combat because obviously space combat would take more research and funding however thanks to all of the Anti-Sony fanbots who were mainly either Microsoft fanbots or Microsoft employees to other game dev employees going around wasting our time on forum boards creating Fear Uncertainty and Doubt so people would NOT buy a Gundam game or NOT buy a PlayStation 3.

Just look at how this generation has turned out with low sales of Gundam games and Gundam games being limited to Japan, minus the occasional Dynasty Warriors Gundam, the Gundam fan has not gotten much in Gundam games outside of Japan.

And NO it makes more sense for Gundam games to be PlayStation specific and NOT multiplatform as it actually costs more money to make a multiplatform game and it limits the game developer in what they want to make.

Also its not so simple to just make Online mode for Gundam games for the obvious reason that they have to find a way to balance the online but also get the experience and the funding and if you are not buying Gundam games out of fear then you are part of the problem.

Also Adam Sessler from G4 made that horrible video review where he compared the Gundam World Tech Demo to Gundam Crossfire unfairly, Adam Sessler is also a proven Xbot fanbot and Microsoft paid shill, so ignore his remarks.

If you are having a hard time with the targetting or the camera in the game all you have to do is FOCUS on one mission and get used to the gameplay, then move on to the next.

Never use your AI team-mates as shields or rely on them to make kills, YOU are supposed to be the ACE PILOT. that has always been the theme of Gundam based games.

You can use your AI mates to give you support fire, while YOU move like a demon, evade and shoot or slash the enemy while trying to avoid getting hit.

If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them ok.

And if you like Gundam games that are not coming to the states, then please if you like Gundam games, buy the imports from Japan.
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  3. @Obikenobi Gundam Crossfire does not cause the PS3 to get too hot!!
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