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User Info: Obikenobi

7 years ago#1
Over the last few months I have watched the original Mobile Suit Gundam series and recently the 08th MS Team.

As time permits I will watch the next one in the Universal Century franchise. 0080 I believe it is. The suits in this game are derived from the different series and it makes them and the game much more interesting when you know the stories.

I came to the Gundam universe via the PS2 game Journey to Jaburo. I love that game as much as this one.

After watching the series mentioned above I have an all new appreciation for the games and understand them far more than I ever did before.

Like Journey to Jaburo this game seems to not catch on in the states, while the simple versions of the Gundam games do, these games require more effort than just boosting around and blasting or slashing opposing mobile suits. In this game if you get hit you are going to take damage. if you do not use your ammo effectively you will run out, if you jump from a high spot and do not use thrusters to break your fall you will damage your suits legs. This is far more realistic and sim like which I really enjoy.

I have very rarely noticed the problems others report about sound etc. when I have I know what the cause is and it is not the game it is the console getting too hot. I ran this game 6 hours yesterday non stop without an issue, the A/C was running and the house was cool. 75 degrees or less. and I do not permit obstructions around the console it is on the bottom of the entertainment center and has great air flow.

People complain about the graphics and honestly on a good T.V. using HDMI there is nothing to complain about. Just because you have a flat screen does not make it a good T.V. but that is another discussion.

These games require the player to develop strategy and learn to get the most out of the suit you are piloting in the game. To me this is fun. The blasting slashing and flying around of the Dynasty series is just plain boring to me by comparison.

So in closing if you want to enjoy the game more watch the series and get into a mind set of sim not 3rd person shooter, there is allot of fun to be had here but not if you will not take the time to learn the suits.

User Info: Gohan266

7 years ago#2
For the most part I agree with you, even on what is part of the cause of the issues people have, but for some people even when the console wasn't hot they had issues. So it is the game that is the issue but some copies seem to be better than others since some have issues right away and others, like yours and mine, only have issues when the console is getting hot. The only major issue I had with the game was the voices, mostly the english ones. :P
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