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User Info: ZEEKYB00GYD00G

12 years ago#1
Scarecrows (arm) die in 29 point blank Blue Rose shots on DMD! (36 if they’ve DT‘d). Scarecrows (leg) die in 42 shots. As far as I know, Blue Rose is Nero’s weakest attack, and the only way to get consistent damage from it is point blank, even though that does more damage. So seeing as that’s the smallest amount, that will be the fundamental unit of damage in this post. This means that these values show roughly how many times more powerful than a Blue Rose shot they are. This was done on a 360.

Note: when a combo is EX, it means all hits were EX.

Note: all gun attacks are measured POINT BLANK, as damage goes down as distance increases.

Blue Rose: 1
CS1: 7
CS2: 10
CS3: 27 (this includes both hits)
DT Blue Rose: 2
DT CS1: 9
DT CS2: 14
DT CS3: I assume this would be 33

From this you can assume a summoned sword does roughly 1 damage.

Combo A: 9
EX Combo A: 12
Combo B: 19-24 (3 hits-9 hits)
Combo C: 14
Combo D: 12
EX Combo D: 14
DT Combo A: 19
DT EX Combo A: 21
DT Combo C: 28
DT Combo D: 23
DT EX Combo D: 26

Streak: 4
EX1 Streak: 6
EX2 Streak: 10
EX3 Streak: 14
High Roller: 3
EX1 High Roller: 4
EX2 High Roller: 7
EX3 High Roller: 10 (both rising and not)
Shuffle: 5
EX1 Shuffle: 6
EX2 Shuffle: 10
EX3 Shuffle: 15
DT Streak: 8
DT EX1 Streak: 12
DT EX2 Streak: 20
DT EX3 Streak: 24
DT High Roller: 6
DT EX1 High Roller: 9
DT EX2 High Roller: 15
DT EX3 High Roller: 21
DT Shuffle: 10
DT EX1 Shuffle: 13
DT EX2 Shuffle: 21
DT EX3 Shuffle: 29 or more

Aerial combo: 10
EX Aerial Combo: 12
Roulette Spin: 12 (it might have multiple hits that missed. Applies to all versions)
EX Roulette Spin: 15
DT Aerial combo: 20
DT EX Aerial Combo: 22
DT Roulette Spin: 15
DT EX Roulette Spin: 27

Calibur: 5
EX1 Calibur: 6
EX2 Calibur: 10
EX3 Calibur: 14
Split: 3
EX1 Split: 5
EX2 Split: 8
EX3 Split “Double Down”: 12
DT Calibur: 8
DT EX1 Calibur: 12
DT EX2 Calibur: 21
DT EX3 Calibur: 28

Buster: 13
Air Buster: 13
DT Buster: 26
DT Air Buster: 20

DT: 5
Showdown: more than 29 >.>
Maximum Bet: 17 per hit. Charging it makes it move slower and therefore hit more times. Damage decreases over distance.

Rainbow: 4

I did this by using the attack on a scarecrow, then counting how many shots with Blue Rose it took to finish it off, then took that away from how much life it has. For example, I used Combo A on an arm scarecrow, then counted how many shots it took to kill it--20. So I take 20 away from 29 (its total life) and am left with 9.

User Info: ZEEKYB00GYD00G

12 years ago#2
I'm working on finding out how much damage Showdown does, and I'll post that later. Also I'm not gonna be able to test the damage for EX Combo B and C, cos I can't get the timing down.

I've also started this for Dante, but it'll take a while because he has so many moves.

User Info: EinsenDragoon

12 years ago#3
Holy mother of God.

You even got the dropkick in there ... o__o
XBL GT: EinsenDragoon

User Info: The_LoGoS

12 years ago#4
Nice job, but if you are going to those kinds of links you should use some other badies, because attacks have verying damage amoung other badies.
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User Info: mrdude1228

12 years ago#5
Y'know, honestly, I'm appreciative to have just learned that BR's damage varies depending on range. I had no idea @_@

But really, great work. I didn't even think about how much DT affects damage, and I'm a big proponent of quick bursts of DT to take off chunks of enemy health so... I'm definitely gonna look this over, maybe see where it's most beneficial to use it.
I don't see why you people are still arguing about this.
I told you the facts. There is no argument.

User Info: ZEEKYB00GYD00G

12 years ago#6
DT EX3 Shuffle: 29 (exactly)
DT Rainbow: 6 (XD)
Showdown: 54 or more v.v

I'm still trying to figure out Combo B, but I can't get consistent results from it. But DT'd, NOT EX, I've got it to do 37-48 damage. Tbh I usually ignored this combo because it's slow, has bad range, hits only one enemy and last ages, but that's a lot of damage.

@ The_LoGoS, I've been worried about that since the beginning. Obviously Buster's damage changes from enemy to enemy, but I would guess at least all sword attacks/all gun attack stay the same, relative to each other. Well, I hope >.>.

@ mrdude1228, I learnt that from
this video, which was posted on the Phantom Babies forum. For Nero I always saved DT for the invincibility frames (at least on normal enemies). It can cancel anything apart from Snatch, Buster, and the recovery frames if your Buster/Snatch gets parried. Sometimes it feels cheap....

User Info: mrdude1228

12 years ago#7
o_o Interesting video! Thanks for the link, and that's a nifty use for DT. I probably should use it for such technicalities >_>

But if it cancels most everything, how is it precisely that sometimes there won't the Big Blue Fist of Doom?
I don't see why you people are still arguing about this.
I told you the facts. There is no argument.

User Info: DanteDevils

12 years ago#8
Umm...good job.....dang dood.
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User Info: Nietono

12 years ago#9
I've come out of lurking to say "Good job, man!".

User Info: mrdude1228

12 years ago#10
Also, I never thought to try it: Does DT'd Rainbow actually have a different animation, i.e. the spirit appearing or some such?
I don't see why you people are still arguing about this.
I told you the facts. There is no argument.
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