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User Info: Victar

11 years ago#1
I wasn't deliberately farming it, but got lucky and picked up a Rose Quartz in the DLC dungeon... same with the item that gives reduce casting time 3.

Anyway, I noticed something... an immortal equipped with the skills reduce casting time 1, 2, AND 3 has the same effect on him/her as an immortal with Rose Quartz. That is, they can cast anything in one turn (the Death spell becomes 1-R) and can cast Divide twice in one turn (Divide becomes 1-G).

So, if you can get the reduce casting time 3 item to drop you can spare yourself the effort of farming the rose quartz and grinding 999 sp for everyone... reduce casting time 3 only takes 100 sp to master. Yay.
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User Info: cannabassassin

11 years ago#2
rose quartz works with skills like ultimate hit and 3 combo also, not just spells.
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User Info: Vendetta

11 years ago#3
Reduce Casting Time doesn't stack. Only the highest level one takes effect.

User Info: mitch4581

11 years ago#4
they stack you phail... same as hp and mp bonus.
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  3. Reduce casting time 1 + 2 + 3 = Rose Quartz
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