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User Info: TylosaurusRex

11 years ago#1

Just because of that, he's that much cooler in my book.
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User Info: Luuthian

11 years ago#2
So why is he so awesome in this game, and sounds like crap in the other.
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User Info: Kelolon

11 years ago#3
A few weeks or maybe a month before the game came out he posted regularly on the board asking people about the game. He might still be around <_<. I didn't talk to him personally, but other did, and he seems like a really nice guy. I hope he's enjoying the game.

User Info: BlackSpiral2069

11 years ago#4
And he was in Burning Rangers! That's epic!

User Info: Zswordmaster

11 years ago#5
Wow, shuld I be amazed or scared?
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User Info: BlackSpiral2069

11 years ago#6
Totaly amazed

User Info: dAt_dUdE_253

11 years ago#7
Totally amazed with a hint of fear.
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User Info: mimcg

11 years ago#8
Hey! (english Jansen here) thanks for the kind words and the suport! I haven't played the game yet, but I hope to soon. I do enjoy reading the boards...... the good the bad and the ugly! I hope there will be a LO II, but have not heard anything yet...... I don't know if anyone would want Jansen back! He can be a bit much! Thanks again! Michael/Jansen

User Info: Neo_9000uk

11 years ago#9
Why do i get the feeling thats not really him.....
Holy Toledo.... Somebody Had Fun...

User Info: LanDC77

11 years ago#10
If that is you Jansen, you did an awesome job.
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