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User Info: deadpigs101

4 years ago#1
So I am told there are 5 Navis to defeat to open a door

1. In the crane computer, access it from Oran 2.
2. Right below the raised path in End Area 1 is a dead end. Or is it? Follow
the invisible path to reach a warp that will take you to Undernet 1. The black
navi is nearby.
3. Around the entrance to Undernet 3 in Undernet 2 is another one hiding below
a ramp (he's hard to see).
4. On the raised crossroads in End Area 4, take the ramp opposite the entrance
to End Area 5 down and step into the portal. The navi is in the small section
you can reach.
5. Go to SciLab 4 and get to that warp in the center of the area. He's there.

From what I can tell if I beat all 5 I gain access to the door to Nebula, but it seemed like all I had to do was beat the game to gain access? Is this a new change?
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User Info: congnguyen18039

4 years ago#2
If you beat all 5 then you can unlock a door in Nebula Area 4.
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