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User Info: BloodlustSweden

4 years ago#1
(I'm playing this on my 3DS XL)

When Megaman or Lan speaks (Jacking in and such) the quality of their speech seems weird, and upon closer inspection, that is when putting my ear a bit closer to the speaker, it sounds kinda like it crackles a bit behind the voice. Explosions and such sound effects also sound a bit bad in quality.

Music is completely fine though.

Now i see 6 possibilities:

A. Speakers on my 3DS XL are going kaput (I don't know why, i don't play with sound on very often, and if i do, it is never on a high volume).

B. The 3DS XL speakers are just bad. (I think i read somewhere that the 3DS XL had worse speakers than the regular 3DS because of space or something.)

C. The quality of the sound clips just aren't THAT high in quality.

D. A+B.

E. B+C.

F. A+B+C.

Anyone able to shed some light on this issue of mine? (If anyone is still here that is...)

EDIT/ADD: Playing around and testing some more i am getting more and more sure there is nothing wrong with my 3DS XL. Volume seems to have a bit of an influence too.

...but i would very much appriciate others inputs still.
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