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User Info: duumb

4 years ago#1
ok so I'm doing a playthrough of the entire series, maybe. It was challenging as a kid but I'm far better & more knowledgeable now so thought to do a challenge run to make it harder... so I need suggestions and/or corrections on what I post ITT. From what I recall, only MMBN5 & 3rd playthrough of MMBN4 present any challenge without self-imposed limitations. Furthermore, some of the games are more 'able' & worthy to be challenged runned, yes? iirc there's a HP memory you can't avoid in MMBN6...

First the obvious. No HP memories, no subchip usage, no navicust, no giga & mega chips, max 1 of each PA, no grass panels + undershirt, no holy panel + aura, no airhock folders, no sensor stunlock spam, no arealocking (or w/e it's called when in earlier MMBN games the foe is limited to a single panel), no chaos unisons, no beast outs, no usage of other navis unless required or in libmission. I dunno which I should & shouldn't pick out of those, so again, advice appreciation. Less obvious possible limits:

Chips-wise, only use melee chips like swords, fans & hammers for attacking, taking over enemy area for support.

Chips-wise, only use throwing chips. Might also be combined with above, making for throwing chips as the only long-range chips for attacking, with melee chips being used otherwise.

Speed prioritized. BusterMAX (for the "use every chip immediately" glitch which at least exists in MMBN3) + fullcust + folderback + fastgauge (preset) + folder made for destroying asap.

Indirect damage only, i.e. death match, poison seed, anubis, guard, curseshield, guardian, lava panels, etc.

Counter damage only, i.e. guard, anti-sword dmg recover etc series of chips, guardian, curseshield, anti-dmg npc.

Buster only, but seeing as it'd likely get dull quick, how about spicing it up a bit? Only technically demanding forms of defences such as anti-dmg NPC & reflect NPC allowed. No fullenergy subchip or recovery chips. NorthWind allowed vs Bass.

Bugged run. Dunno what this would entail, maybe HP bug + no fullenergy + no recovery chips? Fullsynchro self-sabotage can also be done this way, iirc?

One particular thing I'd enjoy a lot is no time-freezing chips (& thus no PAs either)... Not only do they give you a breather, but also make you wait a moment. So I dislike em. This would also eliminate broken things like buffed bubbleman -> navi recycle. Anyway, approaches can be combined in a single playthrough of a game, but some are obviously incompatible. I'm thinking of playing at least 4 of the games, if not all, & wouldn't mind playing both versions except for maybe 3 cuz I dunno if the version differences make much of a difference. So, thoughts on difficulty, alternatives, modifications to the listed approaches, if any approach would fit particularly well with any of the games, etc? I made this topic on MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3B & MMBN5DT boards.

User Info: duumb

4 years ago#2

User Info: MultiKoopa

4 years ago#3
I dunno, never done a challenge like this. But good luck to you :)
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