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User Info: LILDOOP

2 years ago#1
Okay, so I was playing online today in T6 with Alisa, I am a Brawler and I have 176 more wins than losses on this character.

Today I had a few more losses than usual, I had around 13 losses and probably a little over 30 wins, but a Demotion risk match never popped up, I pretty much only lost to a few master rank players and some vanquishers and the like that I can remember. One player I fought froze the match and forced me to quit the game.

Anyway, like I said though, I wasn't losing to players way under my rank and I was still winning much more than I was losing. I looked up at my rank while searching for a match and I saw it said Rogue. I exited offline mode and went to check the history where it shows what has recently happened, it only showed that I had reached Brawler the day previous and everything was fine. My rank still shows Rogue though, it really ticks me off because I never got demoted.

What could this be due to?

There is a really big snow storm around my house right now, it was messing with the electronics and causing my ps3 to go slower as well as messing with the lights in the house and such. Could this be what caused such an annoying glitch or is there another culprit?

I am just really confused and would like to know what did this and if I can fix it, thx.
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User Info: Silver_Dragon_

2 years ago#2
I don't know what caused your demotion, but if you keep playing at a Brawler level, I assume your rank will naturally return to Brawler.
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