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User Info: tymishimadevil

3 years ago#1
Much more realistic then ttt2 ( they should patch this tekken if they want people to get ready for t7) I forgot how less damage you take in this game. Ttt2s damage is crap. Anyone wanna jump on this game with me until june 2? I know bounda are obviously replaced with screw spin thing, but theres gotta be someone who wants to play t6 with me lol. Its safe to say i prefer this over ttt2. My psn is my name on here

User Info: Haseeb_BSAA

3 years ago#2
I'd play but I'm on Xbawkz. And by the way , TTT2 is kinda balanced by the fact that you have 2 characters.
If you look at Tekken 5 , it had HUGE damage scaling , and it was balanced by the fact that you had no bound.
Similarly , Tekken 6 less damage is balanced by the fact that you have bound attacks and way larger combos.

User Info: BubbaNES

3 years ago#3
Hey dude, I just got Tekken 6 and have been on the Discord crapping about how there is no community on this game, add me on PSN: cookieoreo0730 and we can get a couple of matches going.

PS I have crappy internet so hopefully Namco's god tier netcode makes up for that.

User Info: XLR87T3

3 years ago#4
@BubbaNES Why not disqus?
Assault Vest Scrafty>Assault Vest Conkeldurr
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  3. Omg the damage in this is
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