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User Info: unknown_VS

5 years ago#1
So I got a SSD installed in my new PS3, everything so far worked fine, it's really a big improvement over an usual hdd...

However, Tekken 6 (disc version) doesn't work properly... I noticed right away the initial loading took much longer than it should.

So anyways I then went straight to installing the game on the SSD...no problem whatsoever.

But then I tried playing online.... omg it just takes forever to load right before the match should start, then it takes forever again synching...!

If I try quitting the game my PS3 just beeps and then reboots.
If I, by chance, get into an actual match, it's super laggy... -_-

So whatever, I thought maybe the disc is damaged or something, so I put it in my old PS3 and it works perfectly fine...??

Is this a known issue with SSDs and Tekken 6 or games that install from disc in general, or maybe it's the new PS3's disc drive?
I tested few other games and there weren't any issues as far I can tell.

Any ideas, suggestions, whatever... and is this a known issue for Tekken 6 / SSD's?
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  3. Need help regarding this game and SSD
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