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User Info: icecutter17

5 years ago#1
If so, why?
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User Info: Silver_Ogre

5 years ago#2


5 years ago#3
Actually, I kind of do. As for the reasons why, I guess you can chalk it up to being a crotchety old man. Basically, my reasons for preferring to play T6 over TTT2 are almost purely cosmetic - there's no real advantage in terms of game play between one over the other. Actually, TTT2 fixed a lot of mechanics bugs that were in T6 (i.e. Kazuya's crippling weakness to sidesteps, and toning down OP moves here and there).

More specifically, my pro-T6 reasons are as follows:

- I'm a bit of a Tekken purist, and as such I prefer one-on-one combat. Just a personal preference.

- Although having 6-8 costumes per character in TTT2 is SWEET, I much more enjoy that each character's customization items are about 90% unique to that character in T6.

- I find certain characters to be extremely annoying (i.e. Lili, Bob, Christie, etc) and TTT2 puts me in the position to have to fight basically two of them at the same time -> Bob & Slim Bob, Asuka & Jun & Unknown, Lili & Sebastian, Eddy & Tiger & Christie, the list actually goes on and on....

- Lastly, the online play. While I LOVE the rank limits in the search (why they couldn't release a T6 patch to implement this, I'll never know) the fact is that I have a real b**ch of a time trying to play ranked battle on TTT2. Every time I go on to play, I have to wait at least 15 minutes before a fight comes on, if I even get one before my patience runs out. Meanwhile, there's still a ton of people on all modes of T6.

To be fair, TTT2 has better online features (at least in theory), fixes a lot of issues that were present in T6, allows for a much more personal customization of your characters (even if it's with stock items), and lets you play WITH friends in addition to AGAINST them. But like I said, it's mostly just little things and personal preferences that motivate me to stay on T6.

Take it for what it's worth.

User Info: unknown_VS

5 years ago#4
I pretty much agree @KUROHONO except a few things. Let me expand on that a little :
I think there are WAY too many options for online, I mean the whole World Arena thing, it's basically empty most of the time and it spreads the player base unnecessarily. Also I found the whole chat log thing in there really annoying, yes a "good" idea, but implemented poorly IMO. Then the WTF (lol) thingy and clubs? Totally unnecessary and you really have to wait a long time for Rank / Quick matches only to have it turn into a terrible lagfest after you finally found an opponent even though it was advertised ad a "4 bar" match...

That's just some of the things that make it an unenjoyable experience compared to Tekken 6 (and Revolution), as I mentioned in the other thread already the whole variable resolution thing and the resulting image quality really makes my head hurt. :/

Tekken 6 seems to be the last pure Tekken game unfortunately. TTT2 is way too flashy and overloaded with unnecessary inconvenient stuff IMO.

Not sure about variable resolution in TR / T6 by the way, but if those games have this,too, it's much less noticeable to me.

User Info: icecutter17

5 years ago#5
I thought most ppl agreed T5DR was the last pure Tekken game
Even angels cast shadows

User Info: ModestJ

5 years ago#6
It's nice to not have to worry about an online pass, but so far the lag is so bad I'm 0-10.
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User Info: orcman905

5 years ago#7
all the good players have moved on to newer games, so its my time to shine !!!!!!!
currently playing Tekken6 - Armour King, Baek, Panda
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