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User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#1
Welcome to the guide that speaks to everyone's heart. No, I'm not talking about inner peace, love, and good happiness stuff that will turn the world into a better place. Also, I'm definitely not reporting on how to improve the global economy or how to succeed in life. Rather than that, this is something that might appear to be not-as important but just as significant to the Tekken community, and that is of course a dissection of the character known as Bruce.

Anytime you choose Bruce, it will either strike fear into the hearts of you opponent or make them shrug and continue fighting you with their scrub-like tendencies. Now honestly speaking, what would you rather prefer, the previous or the latter reaction? I'm not promising you that reading through this guide will automatically make you a top Bruce player that will be in contention with the likes of top players such as Rain and Sunchip, but rather to guide you in what to practice with the character so that you can try and become proficient with him.

So then am I suggesting that it could be possible in the near future? Depends on how serious you are on practicing with this character. Now, I don't think I need to do anymore introductions to this man as everyone has at least played or experienced him in some way, shape, or form and is curious about how to play him or face him. Either way you've come to the right place for the information!

Table of Content

For easier access, just search for the roman numerals on whatever information that you are looking for.

I. Acronyms used in the guide
II. Bruce's frame data
III. List of NC and NCc moves
IV. Tracking moves
V. Uncovering Bruce's stance - Basatosuntansu (BS)
VI. Explanation of Bruce's spacing tool - Crouch Dash (CD)
VII. Launchers, !B moves, !B ending fillers and the Juggles
VIII. Analysis of Bruce's practical moves
IX. Careful look at Bruce and his weakness
X. Video matches

I. Acronyms used in the guide:

TZ – TekkenZaibatsu (one of the best websites to visit for all your tekken gold and garbage)
CH – Counter Hit (interrupting your opponent's attack)
NC – Natural Combo
NCc – Natural Combo on CH
HC – Hit Confirmable (Means that you can delay the string to make part of it safe, and then finish it if you hit the opponent for a sweet NC/NCc)
BS – Basatosuntansu (Bruce's only stance in the game)
CD – Crouch Dash

II. Bruce's frame data

Note: All frame data from this FAQ has been taken into consideration from Tekkenzaibatsu (TZ). If you want the full out frames of negative and positive on block and hit, please go to the link provided below.


Everything should be cut and dry about the data that is presented from TZ. Only problem is that there are minor errors within the data. One of them is the negative frame that you receive from the transition stances and the speed of the moves. And one of the moves are listed as d/b+1,2,4 and you might be confused as to why you can't do it. Do not fret, no such move exists within Bruce's arsenal and instead it is supposed to read d/b+2,1,4

III. List of NC and NCc moves

†NC (if one part of the string hits, then the rest will follow no matter what)†:

10f – 1,2
10f – 1,4,3
11f – b+1,2
12f – f+2,3_4
12f – cd+1,2
13f – ws+2,1
14f – b+4,3
16f – f+4,3
16f – d/f+1,1_2_4
18f – f+3, 1
33f – cd+3+4, 3+4

†NCc (Like above but the condition that must be fulfilled is that it must be CH)†:

10f – 2,3_4
11f – b+1,2,1
13f – 3,[2]
13f – 3,[3] (HC)
14f – BS, 1,4
16f – db+2,1,4
16f – d/f+3+4,3,3,3,3
25f - ss+4,[1]_[4] (HC)

IV. Tracking moves:

Note: Will only list down moves that having the homing capabilities of tracking people that SS/SW both ways.


User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#2
V. Uncovering Bruce's stance - Basatosuntansu (BS)

This section will be covering his stances and the practicality behind there uses. Bruce has been given a semi-new stance to play around with in Tekken 6 to which gives him more offensive capabilities and tools to use during a match. His new stance called Basatosuntansu, cannot be entered manually but rather must be used following other specific moves (aka transition). These moves are as following:


The neat thing about this stance is that you do not have to hold a button or follow-up any of these moves to enter BS but rather all you need to do is input these moves and you will automatically go into it. Now let's dissect how viable each move is and when you should use them shall we?

1,2,4~BS – This move is all h,h,h only the first two moves are NC and the string does not jail, which will result in a duck and eating of a ws move or interrupted with a FC move. The only real time that you should use this is maybe once or twice, or during a juggle, any more usage of such move will result in you eating a FC or WS punishment before you get into BS.

2,4 – This move is also h,h is not a NC but rather an NCc, and does not jail, then why should you use this move? This is the fastest move that enters BS at the input frame of ~10 and unless the opponent has super reaction, this move will usually not fail you, unless you've been using constantly or have a predictable timing of when you use this transition. Though the usefulness of this move is still pretty low in terms of real usage during a match, this probably should only be used as a juggle filler.

f+4,3,4 – This move is m,m,m with only the first two hits being NC and the last hit is not. Just insert the same story as the other moves, though there are a few mix-ups that can be implemented to confuse the opponent but overall should mostly be used as a juggle filler into BS and not really viable as an offensive tool.

d/f+4 – The best move to transition into BS, the frame is a little slow but it is deceivingly safe on block. The frame data claims that it is -14 on block but that is only if you do the move and wait for the stance to cancel out without doing anything useful. It's a mid move, single entry and the range is decent.

Yes, but just like any other BS transition move, this is best used during a juggle to lead into the BS bound move.

BS Moves:

Just like with any other moves, the ones out of the BS stance are quite linear and can be sidestepped for a bad whiff and you can be launched. Careful when you use some of these moves.

BS 1,4 – Unsafe move which is rarely used in any circumstances, though this move does track to his right fairly consistently and becomes an NC once you hit the step happy users. This does not track to his left! Can be jab interrupted before you throw this move out.

BS f+1 – Mostly used as a bound move. If used by itself then it's relatively safe due to the push back effect it creates on block. Can be interrupted and counts as a CH

BS 2 – Seems useless at first since it hits high, does not jail along with the string and therefore can be ducked if it is seen coming. However, this is the ONLY move out of his arsenal that cannot be jab interrupted, if the opponent tries then they eat a CH stun state which is the equivalent of getting hit by b+2 CH. Scary.

BS 4 – His only low move out of the entire BS repertoire, it tracks both ways and it makes that sexy crunch sound that d+4 also makes. However, be careful of using this move as it can either be jab interrupted or blocked for sad results =(

BS 3 – A mid move which looks pretty cool, the opponent getting hit in the face with Bruce's knee. Even though it looks cool, it can be sidestepped, completing whiffing your opponent and having your back turned to them or jab interrupted. So then you might ask me “Why would you use this move?” Basically as a mix-up for BS 4

User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#3
VI. Explanation of Bruce's spacing tool - Crouch Dash (CD)

Yes, Bruce has a spacing tool which allows him to cover great distances without much risk since it can be followed up with a move. However, do not rejoice yet Bruce fans as this move is not as effective as a Mishima's since it cannot be canceled to create the same wave-like spacing animation/mind game that the Mishimas do. Of course Bruce doesn't need it since if he did have such thing then it would probably lead to him being used by just about everyone. The similarity though between the two is that if you input the move fast enough, you can skip the crouch dashing animation and skip right to the move itself.

Therefore, practice the CD moves until it comes to the point where you cannot spot the CD motion and only the moves. There is an important aspect to this move that should be noted, and that is how it can be transitioned from a move which is:

3,2~f (or commonly referred to as 3cd)

Now this may sound cool but there is a flaw in this that a person with fast enough reaction can jab you in the midst of the CD motion after inputting 3, thus not making it as liable in real combat and more so used during a juggle for wall carry/bound ender than anything else. There is also the fact that if you do this notation in the middle of a CH then nothing following it is guaranteed and you just wasted potential damage that could've been had.

A small note: Every single moves that come out of CD and 3CD can be greatly delayed to the point where it (almost) appears as though you have given up doing anything with the motion. What you want to do (either delay or quick release) is up to the person.

Now, here are the moves which can be used out of the CD motion and it's analysis.

CD+1,(2) – Simple fact is that the move is mid and while does not give off the white lines to indicate that it tracks, it does indeed have the potential for it to be homing on SS/SWers. How? The motion of CD basically follows the opponent no matter which way they step, and the frame for cd+1 is fast enough that it cannot be ss'd. Of course, do not complete the entire string unless you know it's going to hit since it doesn't jail, thus the 2 can be ducked and punished for sad results.

CD+2 – One of the best moves out of the CD motion...heck, out of his arsenal. It's mid and launches the opponent high into the sky, allow for some potentially awesome juggles. Be careful though! This move is -14 on block which means that it can be punished by people like Bryan (JU) and Lars (fb+2,1) on block for punishment. You don't want that now do you? What makes this so awesome is that it can be used a whiff punisher and also in a way it can crush highs. Use this move but don't abuse it!

CD+3 – The low that can be used out of the CD motion, a deceivingly quick move but like any other CD move, the opponent (especially good ones) can adjust to this and start punishing you for it. Just like the previous move, use it but don't abuse it.

CD+3+4,(3+4) – A mid move out of the CD motion which does not have any of the good traits that the other CD moves have. However, the plus thing about this is that it is safe on block and it's mid. Also the animation for 3+4 makes it that his leg limbs are coming out so if the opponent is one of the people that watches the limbs while battling then this should be able to knock them down a peg. The follow up 3+4 should ONLY be used if you KNOW that the opponent is going to duck or is going to be hit by this move, if they block the second 3+4 then prepare to eat whatever they throw at you.

CD+4 – Read the section on CD+1, except that it has longer range so in a way you won't be in zero distance about to eat a SS/SW risk.

User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#4
Multi-chain grab from crouch dash

"What? He has this too! Oh noes! He's definitely broken now LoL! Another broken character with infinite chain grab ;_;"

Alright, enough tom foolery, instead of when to use these I'll teach you folks how to break out of it. Remember, it's okay to mash the allotted button that is required to be pressed to break out of these throws.

First starter - CD+1+4 (aka Right Knee Combo) ~ Just going down the list, so if you want the names of it then just look it up on the command list folks.

CD+1+4: The animation is that Bruce grabs the opponent, swings them around and forces a switch position and then knees them in the face (which looks painful). Break with 1

1+4~1+2,1+2,1+2: After smashing you in the face with his knee he's not done yet, Bruce means business which pretty much implies that he's going to grab you around the neck and throw you for 500 meters or so. Break with 1

1+4~3,1+2+3_4,1+2+3: Ouch! One knee to the face, followed by a knee to the side. Why must you be so cruel Bruce? Break with 2

3,1+2+3~1,3,1+2+4: Holy crap Bruce, just when we thought that two knees were enough, you go ahead and pull three of them? For shame! Break with 1

1,3,1+2+4~2,4,1,1+2+3: Meh, the animation is alright, despite it's name you don't go flying into the air, all you do is hit the opponent so hard with your knee that you sort-of go up in the air, sort of. Break with 1.

Second starter - CD+2+3 (Clinch)

CD+2+3: does no damage by itself, it does though switch positions. Break with 2.

2+3~3+4,3+4: After a clinch, just a simple knee to the face. Break with 1.

2+3~4,3,4,1+2+3: After a clinch, he batters your face with his knees. Break with 2

User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#5
VII. Launchers, !B moves, !B ending fillers and the Juggles

The absolute juice part of the entire guide, it's what everyone is looking for whenever they want to pick a character up. Of course, most of them have been pulled from TZ, however, instead of giving you the full list of every single one of them, the list has been condensed to the point where only the practical ones will be used. If you want to be flashy, or feel comfortable with Bruce to the point where you want to mix things up then be my guest.

Launchers or Juggle Starters:

Note: Again, Bruce has more than a dozen launchers at his disposal but a lot of them are just crap or is never used since it just isn't worth going out of your way trying to use some of them. However, there might be some rare instances where you can catch your opponent with some of those moves. If you want to see them then go to TZ for the entire list of launchers and juggles. Link provided below.


CH b+2
CH 4

Bound Moves:

BS f+1

Common juggle bound enders:

3cd1, 3cd2 [1]
3cd1, f+2,4 [2]
3cd1,2 [3]
f+3,1, 3cd2 [4]

Note: The numbers next to the bound finishers will indicate which one can be used when within the stated juggles.

Second Note: Juggle enders #1-3 all do the same damage whereas the fourth one does the most. You might ask me, then why would you want to do any of the other ones? The first three are mostly for wall carrying potential and the last one requires you to do a dash. So remember, anytime you see [4] inserted as a bound ender then just remember that a dash is needed, unless stated otherwise. Oh and the damage between doing bound ender #1 and #4 is quite miniscule, in fact the difference is a measly 4-5 damage but add in the difficulty of pulling off #4 consistently online and even offline is a bit...so #1 is preferable for almost all Bruce players. What you want to use is up to you folks.

Third Note: Some people have been asking me how I pull off dash f+3, well there are a few methods in doing so. One of them is to try ff,nf+3 or ffb,f+3. Either way you have to be careful with the input or else either a ff+3 will appear of a bf+3 will come out.


-f+4,3,4 BS f+1 !B [1-4]
-f+3, 3cd1, 3cd1, [1-3] - for any type of wall carry juggle, just remember that I have listed all the possibilities only because it depends on which angle you are in and where exactly you are situated before hitting the wall.


-b,f+4, f+4,3,4 BS f+1 !B [1] ~ Bit difficult to pull off online unless you have close to perfect connection. To hit this, the second bf+4 must be done IMMEDIATELY after you have launched your opponent (basically at the apex).
-f+3+4 3cd1, 3cd1, [1-3]

If you can't seem to land the second bf+4, then forego it until you can


-f+3, f+4,3,4, BS f+1 !B dash [1]
-f+3, f+3, 3cd1, 3cd1, 3cd2 70dmg (wall carry)

If your having difficulty pulling off some of these combos at first, then just remove the first f+3

CH b+2

-f+3, 2,4 BS f+1 !B dash f+3,1 3cd2
-f+3, d/f+4, BS f+1 !B f+3, [1]
-f+3,1 d/f+4, BS f+1 !B dash f+3,1 3cd2
-d+3,4 3cd1 d/f+4 BS f+1 !B dash 3cd2
-f+3, 3cd1, 3cd1, [1-3] (wall carry)

There are a couple here, use whichever one you are most comfortable with. Leave some of the extra input out if you are not sure if you can land the entire juggle to ensure maximum damage in terms of comfort.

CH 4

-f+1+2, 2,4 BS f+1, B! [1-4]
-f+1+2, d/f+4, BS f+1 !B f+3, [1] (Leave out f+3 if uncomfortable)
-f+1+2, 3cd1, 3cd1, 3cd1, 3cd2 69dmg (wall carry)

Like any other juggles, practice first on the easier stuff by subtracting a hit here and there and start adding once your comfortable with Bruce

User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#6
Wall combo

-db+2,1,4 (this is when the opponent just got an extremely low wallsplat, the hitbox for this move is a bit big so you can do it as the enemy’s head is about to lay on the ground)

-f+3, db+2,1,4 (This entire string can be used with no !B, however, you must be weary of the position of your opponent's wallsplat, or else you'll just whiff the entire db+2,1,4 string after landing f+3

-f+3,1, db+2,1,4 (This is what all the cool kids use after !B)

-d/f+3+4,3,3,3,3 (For flash)

Low parry (whichever your comfortable with or can get your reflexes to automatically respond to)

-f+3 b+4,3 3cd1, 3cd1, 3cd2
-f+3, 3cd1, 3cd1, 3cd1, 3cd2

User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#7
VIII. Analysis of Bruce's practical moves

This section will not be as elaborate say, as to put up the entire movelist and do a thorough research on them, no, that would just be stupid. Instead, I will be listing moves that will be MOST LIKELY used in battles. So if you find a move missing from this, it is only because it is rarely, if ever used outside of situational circumstances...which will be pretty hard to find to which would probably get better to be using a more conventional move so that you'll know what to do and how to follow up and etc.

Get it? Got it? Good. So let's get started shall we?

1) 1,2

Uses: The standard 1,2 that almost everyone has with the start-up being 10f and it does a total of 17 damage. It's a basic, non-flashy move that hits [h,h] so it can be ducked, however it's commonly used as a tool for interrupting strings/moves. Plus thing is that it jails and is NC, but outside of that, the frames that you receive from block and hit are nothing special.

2) 1,4,3

Uses: Not an ordinary 10f move since if the 1,4 connects then the 3 will also follow, making it one of the best 10f NC's in the game and also a great 10f punisher. It does a whopping 34 damage, and for a 10f punisher it can quickly be painful to your opponent. Now, why did I put the '3' in brackets you might ask? The move 1,4,3, while powerful is a painful -15 on block! Imagine the horrors that can be unleashed upon your worthless body! How to combat this? Well, 1,4 is safe on block so you can effectively press 1,4 until you get a hit from the 1 and then start mashing 3 as soon as the 1,4 lands. Hence why it's semi-HC because you cannot delay the last move to make it an NC. I would say that the move is best used as a 10f punisher.

3) 3,3

Uses: -6 on block and it's also 13f to boot? One of the best moves in Bruce's arsenal as it can be used in almost any situation. Need to put some pressure on the enemy along with some random pokes? This move can fill that void. Feeling pressured by the enemy or getting a bit anxious from the spacing and the constant crazy motions of dashing/BCD and all that other stuff? Make them regret trying to intimidate you with this move! A crazy move that can also be HC AND is NCc on CH. Jesus Christ, and if that's not all, it can also be mixed up with the next series of moves. However, do not abuse as the move does not jail and the second hit is high, prompting a quick duck and eating ws move.

4) 3,2~f

Uses: New arsenal added to Bruce's offensive tool that allows him to cover the spacing game/wall game pretty effectively...no wait scratch that, to have pretty much the best wall damage in the game. Very easy move to do and is relatively safe on the basis of that you are doing a crouch move after hitting your opponent with the initial 3, the followup that you do determines whether or not you will be safe afterward. When should you use this move? Mostly only as juggle fillers and when you to do some awesome wall carry while saving your !B for the walls, however, if you do want to use it outside of juggles then use it at close to max range to close the gap between your opponent with the exaggerated CD motion.

5) 4

Uses: Magic 4! What does that mean? On CH it gives you a free juggle (and a painful one) and also it is safe on block due to the slight push-back on the opponent if they try and block it, especially non-punishable if blocked from max distance of the move. A fast move that opponents do not really worry about, which fortunately for Bruce players allow them to throw this out and hit the enemy with it. Only problem with the move is that it's high, but hey if it was a mid then that would be a broken launcher right? Just one more launching arsenal in Bruce's toolbox.

User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#8
6) 3+4

Uses: Hits high, is safe on block (-9), covers a good amount of range and tracks to BOTH sides. Good move that should be implemented against sidestep happy opponents to make them stop doing it against Bruce! It is however 16f so be careful of throwing this move out.

It has also been brought to my attention that this move has a weird hitbox, basically a character like Lili can SWR around this move. So just to be just, understand the limitation of this move's range and hitbox before you attempt to throw it out.

7) f+2

Uses: Non-typical turtle/poking move that earns the status of 'keep out' like 3,3 does. A 12f move that is safe on block (-8), high, and has a deceptively good range on it and can lead to a few other mix-up. Just like his other tools, do not abuse.

8) f+2,3

Uses: Oddly enough an NC but it's also a regular high-low string that has it's uses when under duress or have not thrown during a match. However, since people that recognize Bruce know what his options are after f+2, do not attempt to use this more than roughly once or twice a match! Roughly -13ish on block or low parried for a juggle (insert frowning face)

9) f+2,4

Uses: An awesome NC that has many effects and uses behind it. Comes out as a 12f move to which can be substituted as a regular punisher, whiff punisher and also a good way to do a wall stun. Not splat but stun. Of course, do not attempt to throw this move out in the open without leading to set-ups and such since it's a high-high move that does not jail and can make you eat the usual punishment for whiffing high moves.

10) f+4,3,(4)~BS

Uses: First main use is as a juggle filler that leads to one of his highest damages for his regular ordinary launchers. As a 16f NC move, the first two hits are not bad to use during the match as a poke or just to throw out in the open, and it is relatively safe (-10 on block, jab punishable offline). The last hit is in parenthesis since it is not guaranteed in any form since it is a high move. The entire string in it's entirety is safe since BS transition gives you many options to be safe and not jab interrupted.

11) d/f+1

Uses: Safe on block and a regular mid move to boot, it is a bit slow at 16f and has close to minimal range at best. However, it is safe and a mid move, which some people would kill for. Just doing this move by itself is not why it's listed, it's the small mix-ups that you can do following this input that makes this move so highly valuable

12) d/f+1,2

Uses: Part of his df+1 string which ends in mid, jab punishable on block (-10) it's not too high of a risk for an okay reward. While there is a low ender for this string, I believe it's better to err on the side of caution and to use this move more often than the one that finishes with the low. Of course it's totally up to the player to decide...

13) d/f+1,4

Uses: The low ender that was previously mentioned, mid-low string which is NC on hit but definitely does not jail. Punishable on block as par the usual for any other lows that are blocked. Just make sure that you keep a track of what you used when since the 2 or 4 ending allows Bruce to play a mind game with his opponent and keep them on a 50/50 chance of guessing right on whether they will eat the last hit or not. This move does not hit grounded opponents so don't bother.

14) d/f+2

Uses: Must I explain why this should be listed in Bruce's moves that must named? A 15f regular standing launcher which DOES NOT require CH and can also get people from FC position as well and is only -12 on block which is a pretty good balance of risk and reward. Though be careful of trying to get FC people launched as at times you will miss if you are not close to zero range.

User Info: ResignedFate

10 years ago#9
15) d/f+3

Uses: A low that semi-tracks both ways, well it tracks more left than right but it's got weird homing properties and since you'll be most likely using this move at close to zero range or so, it'll be tracking. A move that I listed up, it is NOT punishable when blocked even though it is -10, why? Nobody in the game as a ws move that is worth 10f, and if they did, hot damn tell me and I'll start abusing iWS moves with that character =D.

Although it's safe on block do not abuse since there are two things that are bad about this move. One is that it takes roughly 25~26f to start the move which is extremely slow for a slow. The other is that he always makes the same sound before he does the move, never changes it, so that's pretty much a dead give-away of when this move will be used. There is a follow-up for this move but it's pretty much useless as it is not NC or NCc and also it is a mid move so if it's blocked you'll eat everything thrown at you. Really only used for the walls but there are better options...

16) d/f+4

Uses: Safest entry to BS and it's mid as well, on CH BS 2 is guaranteed for a mini-pseudo combo. Use this move if you want to ever use the BS stance, but mostly it's used as a juggle filler as well.

17) d+4

Uses: Fastest low that Bruce has at 13f, the damage is miniscule at best but the crunchy sound that you receive each time you hit someone with it is one of the best. Use at own risk as it is a very bad -16f on block (insert donkey kicking you in face image).

18) d+3+4

Uses: 13f mid move that's unsafe on block (-13), it's best used when you've hit them to the wall and have saved the !B from the juggle. Another time that this can be somewhat used is against people that have those odd stances (like Eddy and Ling), though there are better options when it comes to hitting them out of it. !w !b move folks.

19) d+3,4

Uses: A regular low, high that does not jail, does not NC or even NCc and seems to be a bit useless since d+4 is a better option in terms of frame and damage. So then why did I list this? Simple, for oki. If they backroll then this refloats them for more shenanigan, fun, and possibly the scrub screaming at the mic that your being cheap and that you should be honorable in letting him get up with you saying “Lawlz, lrn2ply nub” and continue to harass him. Do NOT use outside of oki/juggle filler lest you want to eat a handful of ws punishment.

20) d/b+3+4

Uses: Slow start up (roughly 24f) and not as safe on block (-11) and the range isn't the greatest (df+3 beats it on that category), so then why should you use this? Tracking. Although I admit that I don't use this, if at all, if you need a low move that tracks and gives launch status on CH then this move is what you should be using. Use sparingly if your ever going to use it since the motion is the start-up motion is practically a dead give-away to when this move will occur, plus Bruce can never have enough lows.

21) b+1,2>1

Uses: 11f partially NC starting move and NCc for the entire string to go through without interruption or it being blocked. The explanation is simple, the first two hits are NC and safe on block (though bordering it with -9) and the last hit CAN be delayed, however, this does not make it a HC but quite the contrary. First of all, this move, when delayed will only allow the last hit to be mid, and on block is unsafe. The ONLY way for this move to be an NCc? Simply put the first 1 from this move must be a CH for the entire thing to be an NCc, not the second hit but only the first. With that in mind however, it's a pretty good move to use and definitely eats up poking characters like Steve and Nina.

User Info: 1337_sauce_

10 years ago#10

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