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User Info: Dameos69

7 years ago#1
Greetings, I recently found this "Diamond in the rough" of a game at Game Stop used for like $5 LOL, since i am a huge fan of Hack & Slash style RPG's Dynasty Warriors for example. I grabbed it, at first I didn't really like it, the graphics are nice the move sets seemed pretty cool, but what really through me was the ranking system, no explanations anywhere in game, or in the instruction manual for what counts toward what.

Thinking in Dynasty warriors fashion I figured time was a Major player in the rank system, after playing some maps repeatedly, and managing to get a clear in just over 5 minutes, and still receiving a B rank, I decided to try other stuff.

There is a post here I think on page 15, that outlines a good read for rank earning. but i will sum it up here what counts, you can figure out what, where, and or how your missing to bump yourself up.

The Following all effect your rank some more than others, but all calculate into it.

"Time" = from what I have read there is some rather intense math involved in figuring this out so i would suggest working on all the other stuff below FIRST then trying to get better and faster times through "Map Memorization"

"Guard Survival %" = As stated, I suggest Heavy Infantry with Guard defense / hit point + items if your having trouble keeping them alive, I would suggest NEVER parking them some where, as most maps have spawns that re-spawn in areas near the beginning, so better to just take them with you, set them to defend, and make sure you do not leave them fighting by themselves.

"Bonus Points" = treasure chests, destroyable items, and side objectives that are not REQUIRED to finish the map.

"Orbs Earned" = Red orbs you get from killing enemies, Blue Orbs are from using your "special attack with a full red bar" Blue Orbs are worth more points

"Spark Kills" = Earned from using your full blue bar special

"Kills" = Duh Kill Em All

"Combos" = Duh hit em more than once, Area attacks like Inphy and here xxxyy are very nice for combos.

I think that about covers what effects your ranks I may have missed something.

As for finding items well there are several different guides outlining where and how to get certain things, but aside from weapons, I have found just about everything is random so I would suggest equipping as much +item drop % items as you can, and going for large combos, not sure if the combos effect it, but I know in DW it does so it cannot hurt.

Also ALWAYS ALWAYS spend some time searching the map and try to commit to memory where different chests are, and how to best get them all fast.

This will help in rank issues, as well as help you remember where potion chests are, so you can try different item combos to see what they do. There is a post stating certain item combos give certain special effects, I personally have not tested any of these as I am still playing through the game for the first time.
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