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  3. I found the connection between this and the second... I think...

User Info: Left4DeadPDM

8 years ago#1
I was trying to find out if there's a connection between them.
Then, I found this website


You don't need to enter it, i'll show the text

"The king of Ninety-Nine-Nights
The orb created the earth itself, but the prosperity that it made possible was less than overlasting. An ancient demon of darkness was revived, and the world was covered in the darkness of an eternal night. The demon led his clan of darkness in ravagin the face of the earth, gripping the population in a strangehold of fear. Soon, the keeper of the orb and his disciples took to arms to face this threat. These heroes, with their combined powers, managed to restore light to the world. Their victory occured on exactly the one hundredth day after the revival of ancient demon. From that day onward, the demon would be known as the King of Ninety-Nine-Nights.

The origin of the dual orbs
On that hundredth day, darkness was swept away and the world was once again blessed with the power of orb. But this period of peace was not destinied to last. A goblin disicple of the keeper orb saw flames erupt from the alter of the orb, and what he found next would usher in a era of chaos: his master, the keeper, murdered and an second discipline, a human, feling with a fluorescing shard of the orb (the light orb) clutched in his hands. Standing within the altar's flames, the goblin grapsed the remaining half of the orb (the Dark Orb) and swore vengeance agains the race of humans.

The War of Division
The unsuing war over the orbs, pitting human against Goblin, lasting for generations. This conflict, which would later be known as war of Division, tilted in favor of the humans and their light orbs when the Elves decided to lend them their power. The Goblins and the Dark Orb were forced to retreat into the forbidden forest of the lost. In the end, the humans were victorious. Their triumph marked the beginning of the mannaz calendar and a great era of human Posperity.

The War with no name
Time passed, and the goblin king, the self-proclaimed master of darkness, regrouped his forces and declared war on the humans, sounding the death knell for the era of human peace. Terrified by the return of the goblins, the forces of light fell into disarray in the face of rumours that a lord of Darkness of Ancient Legend was lending his power to the Goblin King. Finally, the Royal Forces organized an army centered on the Temple Knights and launched a Counter Attack. Thusm the great conflict that pitted the forces of Light against Dark began. It would be known only as the "War With No Name"....."


The first part, The King of Ninety Nine Nights, is very similar to the story in N3:II, with the victory in the hundredth day.The world covered in eternal night, etc.

And the last part.. The War With No Name, is the story that we saw in the first N3...

So here is my theory... N3:II takes place in a long long long time before the first one.

What you think???Makes sense??

And another thing, that is just a guess. I THINK, that maybe the land in N3 is Goliath in the second, the land where Galen comes from. HIs armour is very similar to Aspharr.But this is just a guess....
sorry if I made any mistake with my English, i'm from Brazil actually...
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  3. I found the connection between this and the second... I think...
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