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User Info: OldNumba7

8 years ago#1
This game was a challenge and even more so with Inphyy VS the King of Nights.

The King of Nights is a giant piece of donkey dung with all his cheat moves and invulnerability animations but the last thing he saw was my sword darting toward his neck.

I never liked Inphyy, her voice was annoying and her move set was even more annoying. Every combo has her jumping and flipping everywhere except where you are aiming. I did get used to her move set after a while but it was an irritating way to start a hack and slash game for the first time.

I have S ranked all of Inphyy's missions and gotten a 8000 combo with her so I have adapted to her control scheme quite nicely I think.

My favorite is Vigk Vagk this muther reminds me of The Incredible Hulk. Me Vigk Vagk Me smash you good! Run little Parasites! Run from Vigk Vagk's Roid Rage. I have gotten up to a 10,000 combo and S ranked all missions with Grey Hulk .

So I owned this game....who else wants to join the club.
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