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User Info: intotheshadowz

12 years ago#1
Wasn't surprised that it would be canceled the second they heard of its inception?

I knew it from the start, and since it has been in development hell for the past year or two it has finally been announced that is canceled.

I knew it. And I was so excited too.
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User Info: Lumpy09

12 years ago#2
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User Info: legacy_ma

12 years ago#3
Personally not surprised but still pissed. It would have made for an awsome game for the DS.

User Info: greater_bird

12 years ago#4

I'm surprised - I didn't think it'd be cancelled, and I was looking forward to it. I had noticed it had been a long time with no news, and that's never a good sign.

Inception means start/beginning.

User Info: _Divined_Beast_

12 years ago#5
I just remembered this after like 2 years, too bad its canceled.
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User Info: SquigleyTEZT

12 years ago#6
Anyone know why it was canceled? As far as I know, all the other console versions were scrapped, too. It's a shame. I think a Wii version would be awesome, too. Actually, a Wii version would be perfect!

User Info: Dan2012

12 years ago#7
Inception: to begin an act, process or instance of beginning

i just looked that up in the dictionary but i'm still a little confused on what you mean by "they canceled it" whose "they" and why?

User Info: golbez1729

11 years ago#8
why would a game like this get canceled and a game called pony's still come out....... bah

User Info: jenofwildfire

11 years ago#9
Not really. It's a bit disappointing, since this game was part of the reason I got a DS(in addition to several other games of course). The DS would've been perfect for a Black and White game.

User Info: ShintoKyuto

11 years ago#10
The ability to rub your creatures...
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Wanna know how to keep an idiot busy? Read Above.
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