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  2. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
  3. do you think there should be a budokai tenkacihi 4 or ultimate tenkaichi 2?

User Info: gamerwarrior199

7 years ago#1
Hi i notice alot of the games for dragon ball z have less characters and sometiems the graphics like in burst limit for instant sucks and i was thinking what should you want the game to be called and here are the ideas that i say are good

1.the graphics should be from budokai tenkacihi 3 where you can add more content
2.the sound effects should be from budokai tenkacihi series
3.im not sure though
4.the character content should be from budokai tenkacihi 3 but just add the missing characters like bardock ssj form,lord chil and his soldiers,kid nappa,kid vegeta,kid krillin,rest of bardock team,dorodia elite team that bardock team faced,rest of frieza soldiers that are missing,garlic juniors team,forget bojacks team and android 13 team,add turles team,rest of gt characters that are missing same with dragon ball characters and dragon ball z characters and lets not forget the costumes for each of every single character and its age form and oh yeah lets not forget videl saiyamn form like the great saiyam for instant let me know if i miss any
5.as for the story mode add from budokai tenkacihi 2 just add the rest of the missing parts of the story mode that are missing and for the game modes add like world tournament,online,dragon adventure where you can play as dragon ball,dragon ball z and gt and add like training but user friendly where it has all the maps and where you can choose selectively yourself and then add also character creation but put it like oblivion and add female and male because there are female fighters not many but should still have them in it and with the character creation just add the free mode and play your created character in free mode on how you want to play in the story modes
6.view movies off of every tv character and have audio english and japnese so it can be fair
7.settings give the player to have the option to change music,volume,graphics and subtitles and im not sure else it needs
8. as for the menu screen have the picture to be from raging blast 2 i think im not sure though
9.now for the intro should have its own music like in raging blast 2 for instant but more epic
10 the anime coverage should be as in budokai tenkaichi 2 and also back on teh content character it should be like in budokai tenkacihi 2 where the slots are all in one place except add super saiyan 4 goku should be with rest of goku forms and so with vegeta instead of seperate and so let me know whatcha think about my topic

User Info: Shuriko

7 years ago#2
i love you
http://i.imgur.com/fINks.jpg http://i.imgur.com/0grUN.jpg
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  2. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
  3. do you think there should be a budokai tenkacihi 4 or ultimate tenkaichi 2?
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