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User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#11
This event caused a crack to appear in The Darkness, and using his powers, Guldo and Gohan escape! So now Guldo opens a permanent gateway he can pass through at will to the Darkness so he'll have a place to hide and he tells Gohan that the only way to get to the Canon Earth is to destroy as many of these fictional unvierses as they can, and that as he destroys more and more universes, the crack will get bigger and get them inside the eggshell.

And so the story began.

Everyone is still in disbelief and Mr. Cell says that no Guldo should be this powerful, especially not the canon one. At which point Guldo explains in rage that his powers were only just developing. He was young for his species and he could already stop Time itself. he was cut down in his youth with his whole future ahead of him when Vegeta defeated him. His powers would continue to grow and develop as he forsaw him eventually being able to control time space and reality like he can now. he even had plans of replacing Freeza as master over all, but he never got to realize that dream because of Vegeta.

So they're all still helpess, and Guldo's first act is to kill Vegeta in the worse way for Saiyans to die, he speeds time up around Vegeta. 60 years.. 80 years.. 100 years, Guldo laughs, as Vegeta screams in outrage. 110 years and vegeta still looks the same. 115 years, and Vegeta promptly begins to age. Saiyans stay in their youth a long time but when they finally get too old, tehy age FAST and die slow. Vegeta begins turning into a decriped old man, growing far weaker and losing all of his power.

Guldo laughs in glee as Vegeta finally dies and turns into a skeleton before their very eyes.

"Now, who's next?"

They struggle with renewed force and discover they still can't move. They've really lost!

suddenly, Chaotzu, eyeless and blind and bleeding, but somehow not dead, leaps onto Guldo's body and self-destructs. He laughs before he does so telling Cell that he was right, All Chatozus are destined to self-destruct. But he hopes his moment will be for a reason.

The explosion destorys the machines keeping Guldo alive and frees the other Z fighers.

User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#12
Goku promptly rushes up to Guldo and uses the Dragon Fist to kill him. He then realizes this is why Shenlong took him to the Multiverse at the end of DBGT, because only GT Goku could kill a Canon Character, so Shenlong must have known this would happen.

At this point Tori-bot's image appears and tells them they've all done well, and to come into the light and he'll remove them.

So they go and end up back inside Cell's ship. To their horror this process caused Tori-bot to shut down and "die" effectively, as it took 100% of his power to transport them in and out of the Canon Earth.

He says they did it, the battle inside the Room of spirit and time would have no effect on the rest of the canon story, and that The Master is truly gone forever now. he thanks them with his last breath, and says that now everythign will be made right.

Sure enough, Cell's ship loses its power and the crack in the eggshell is being filled in by a rush of bright light that's creating new worlds all the time! They see the brighetest new world that hasn't fully been created yet and agree its the strangest world of all. Goku in particular laughs and says "is that supposed to be me?" and the picture shows Goku from the Live Action movie Dragonball Evolution (yep this was plannedd to be before said movie came out, when fans still had.. er.. slight hope that it'd be good.)

They agree that new worlds will always continue to be created as The Fans would allways love Dragon Ball (and technically taht's true, since Yo Son Goku and the Bardock Special have been made haaa chaa if I were to finish Crisis now I'd include that in the story xD)

However, cell's ship is without power and falling apart now. The journey is done, so the survivors have to go home now while they still can. None of them can make it back to their original worls unfortunatly, so they decide to bid farewall and leave cell's ship which will cause random worlds to pull them in. cell hopes they'll all find a new home where they can fit.

User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#13
Yamcha wakes up in a peacful world where he sees a strong Bulma in a kamesennin gi practicing martial arts. The two of them become married.

Tien wakes up in his own world! Somehow destiny guided him back.

GT Goku is seen doing his little victory salute and flying around the multiverse space on Shenlong, to points unknown, the greatest hero.

Mr. Cell was going to end up in a place where there's already a team-up of "villains gone good" with good versions of Buu and Freeza, and say "it's not Perfect, but we can fix that."

Then it'd basically say The End.

There was going to be one more chapter after The End though. A sorta proloug. In it, it was going to show an adult Ultimate Gohan waking up in a black-colored version of Goku's gi. He was going to get up and look at his body in amazement utterly confused. then he'd remember who he was. This is Psycho Gohan! The explosion of the canon bomb somehow gave him Ultimate Gohan's body. He's finally grown up! He's finally the Real Gohan (or so he thinks)

he begins celebrating his new found power and laughign at the loser z-fighters who failed to stop him, when suddenly Farmer With Shotgun appears and knocks him on his ass with a powerful shotgun blast. Gohan is shocked that the shotgun was strong enough to hurt him, and Farmer tells him. "Didn't you know? You're in Warrior World (this is where the master had promised to send Broly as a reward). In Warrior World it's not just you guys who are strong. We're ALL strong!"

At this point Gohan woudl begin fighting him and the random dog people and animals and everything, as the camera zooms otu to show an entrie unvierse of super powerful warriors swarming in on him. (Yes this ending sorta rips off the ending of Jet Li's The One. Sue me:P)


User Info: SSMG77

7 years ago#14
I like it, this is awesome. Very cool twist on how Guldo was the master and how he was able to break the fourth wall and see all events. I Thanks for posting this for me.
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