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7 years ago#1

Not sure where you left off but I'll start from this point and go on:

So Vegeta, Piccolo, and Yamcha are chosen to go pick the Trunks of their team up who's a Future Trunks version and supposedly he lives in a "finished story" world so there won't be any villains to deal with, however the mysterious shadow figure who was talking to the Master earlier is actually waiting to ambush them on this world--it's Broly! He takes a shot at Tori-bot but narrowly misses and sends Tori-bot into hiding, as the heroes confront Broly.

Right before Broly attacks, Piccolo turns into the Demon King Piccolo and reveals that he was secretly working with the Master as well, and that their mission was to kill these Z-fighters here and break the team forever. So Broly and Piccolo attack Vegeta Trunks and Yamcha and beat them down pretty much.

Right when this happens, Cell's ship comes under attack from Drum who Piccolo secretly left behind, to prevent the other Z fighters from going and helping. Drum is beaten but not before he damages the ship's Dragon technology, and since Tori-bot is stuck on Trunks's world hiding trying to stay out of the cross fire there seems to be no way for them to get there. Goku says the only way is for him to teleport, since he's GT Goku he can do it. (I think that's how I had it going. memory is a little foggy now.)

The others want to come with Goku, but Goku refuses knowing that the "ultimate" version of Broly is too savage and although he thinks they'd win, he doesn't want a few Z-fighters getting killed during the battle. In the end Goku basically just goes alone without Cell's blessing.

Meanwhile on the world. Vegeta finally falls, after having damaged Piccolo at least. Yamcha Vegeta and Trunks are piled up unconsious, and Broly throws Piccolo's body on the pile too saying the Master said "no survivors" including him.

Right before he can destory them all, Goku appears and him and Broly fight. Goku goes full SSj4 but he's still no match. This is the ultimate version of Broly from the multiverse the same way the Z-fighters are the "ultimate" version of each of those characters. However by using his head, Goku wins by discovering Broly's weakness: Broly gets filled up with too much ki and must occasionally release it. When this moment comes, Goku instead grabs Broly and gives him all of his energy too. Broly overloads with power and explodes.

Goku collapses in exhaustion and Tori-Bot comes out of hiding and brings them all back, piccolo includied to Cell's ship.

User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#2
Once everyone is healed except Piccolo, Vegeta wants to destroy Piccolo for being a traitor, and all the z-fighters begin to question Tori-bot for selecting the wrong Piccolo for their team, and that maybe this entire quest is just a delusion. Tori-bot argues and continues to insist that this IS the Piccolo that's supposed to join them, and Cell comes up with the idea that since this Piccolo never split into Daimao and Kami in the first place, maybe he actually has a split personality. Chaotzu agrees and expalins this is why he didn't read any bad intentions when he read Piccolo's mind. Because there are literally two Piccolo's in there.

So the Z-fighters split up half of them going to get the Ultimate Gohan of the multiverse, the other half will stay behind with Chaotzu and using Chaotzu's powers they will journey inside Piccolo's psyche and try to "bring the good Piccolo" out of him.

Goku wants to go with the Gohan team badly, as the entire Crisis he's been upset that one of the bad guys is an "evil Gohan" and he wants the Z-team to meet a true good Gohan. But the rest of the team mostly Cell dont' like how Goku ran off to fight Broly alone and says that Goku has to journey into Piccolo's mind as they don't know how dangerous it will be in there.

So Goku Tien and Yamcha go into Piccolo's mind by Chaotzu meditating them inside, while Trunks, Vegeta, and Krilliman go to get Ultimate Gohan (literally.)

At this point it would mostly follow the adventure in piccolo's mind. They'd find a great chained beast inside that is the part of Namek's mind that would become Daimao if they split, and they find the chained do-gooder, who is the Piccolo they originally met that rose to Kaioshin posistion. They discover that neither of these are the TRUE Piccolo, but in order to bring the true Piccolo out, they have to make both sides accept eachother.

However their attemps to do this would cause the chained beast to come free and attack them and it was gonna sorta be a scene like the inside-buu filler in the anime, where they face all kinds of dangerous mind traps and the like. But they finally discover that the one holding the fusion back isn't Evil, it's the "Good" Piccolo, because he's full of pride and ego. So they finally overcome this and they all get expelled out of Piccolo's mind immediatly, and when they come back, Piccolo actually looks like the normal Piccolo now, no more Kaioshin clothes, just the turban with the cape and mantel.

He rises up and powers up and everyone is pretty impressed and he's all like "This is the birth of a brand new Piccolo" or w/e, typical DBZ talk. You know.

User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#3
Meanwhile the other team returns with a surprise. Both Gohan AND Goten with them! Turns out The Ultimate Gohan of the multiverse and the ultimate Goten of the multiverse lived on the same Earth. Goku believes this must make them special somehow and Cell isn't quick to disagree.

So they all talk to them and it turns out it was a story-completed world in which Gohan never stopped training after Cell was defeated. He put up a much better fight against Fat Buu and actually forced Fat Buu to transform into Super Buu during their initial meeting, but the events aren't described in detail leaving the readers to come up with it on their own. So gohan gets beaten for the time being but ends up getting his potential unlocked like in the canon story, and long story short he beats Buu, saves the day, makes his dead father proud, and continues Goten's training... who he's been training all along. Goten is as old as Future Trunks, but he doesn't act like the 10 yrs later Goten, nor the GT Goten. He's still as easy going and whatnot but his focus is martial arts and training with his brother.

Vegeta scuffs that he thinks these two additions to the team are lame, and that "this all feels like a bad story." (Again, another meta-fiction hint dropped, you'll notice there's a lot of these throughout Crisis).

So the team is complete now
Yamcha McFox
Tien the "Sun God"
Choatzu the "super psychic"
The Great Krilliman "lol"
Ultimate Piccolo
Vegeta "destiny fulfilled"
Trunks "the great Lone Hero"
Goten "the Protege"
Ultimate Gohan
and of course
freaking DBGT Goku.

User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#4
Now that the team is assembled they want to find Evil Gohan and go stop him now, but Tori-Bot says they aren't ready yet. Everyone kinda disagrees, but then Cell says they've been working behind the scenes while the other adventure was going on, and they've already gatehred up the greatest TRAINERS in the multiverse, who are currently waiting for the Ultimate Z Team in a universe they created together.

So the Z-Team travels there, along with Cell's entire ship, taking it out of the Multiverse Space for the first time in the story.

Here they meet an Ultimate Master Roshi, Ultimate Grandpa Gohan, Ultimate King Kai, Ultimate Grand Kai, Ultimate Elder Kaioshin, and Ultimate Karin. who strangely enough, is this team's leader.

So instead of trainign to make them stronger or whatever, all of these old masters sit the Z-senshi down and do what Karin wants to call a "spirit walk". they will all focus their minds and try to determine who The Master is, or any vital information that can help them defeat him.

So they all focus and go into "head space" or w/e and one by one the Z-sneshi start getting smaller pieces of the puzzle.

First they see a "great darkness". It's a completly empty space, and for reasons they can't understand it causes terror in their hearts. Then another Z-warrior will make the shocking discovery "but it's not empty." There are... things... in this great darkness.

Then they see a huge crack form with light pouring out of it. outside, they can see stars, bright colors, swirls of energy. It overwhelms them, and the Spirit Walk ends.

With everyone awake, they all discuss what they saw. They realize that the Great Darkness they saw is an actual place, and The Master aka The Beast behind everything, came from this place. They wonder if this is why Cell's technology can't find The Master, since he comes from this strange place, but Chaotzu interupts them. He saw something completly different, that has shaken him to his core. He asks for their help understanding his unique vision.

He describes seeing a drawing, made by a child with crayola crayons. A drawing of SSj2 kid Gohan dressed just like the psychotic Evil Gohan. he saw this Gohan as a crayon drawing on a sheet of paper, and saw that sheet of paper getting taken down from a refridgerator after having been there for weeks, and then thrown into the garbage.

No one understands this but it gives them the shivers for reasons they can't understand, like part of their minds KNOW what it means, but they don't fully grasp it yet.

User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#5
At this point Master Roshi will say he's heard enough and he wants to try this. He'll fire a kamehameha out into multiverse space and it lights the way to The Darkness. Everyone is surprised including Roshi saying he didn't know that would actually work.

When cell points his ship's sensors at the gateway, they go off the charts with the scrambled readings that indicate the presence of The Master. So, this is it. At long last they've found Him.

At this point the Z-team are split. Half of them, the "fighters" of the team want to go and stop Evil Gohan first, since finding him is easy, and they don't know what awaits in this Great Darkness. The other half of the team wants to go there first and stop the "Master" and hopefully try to reason with Evil Gohan and stop him, since he's just a puppet anyway.

In the end it's decided that they'll go to the Great Darkness first, all together as a team, because Evil Gohan's power simply makes him too dangerous.

Goku argues "this is why we assmbled the team in the first place though, to beat 'im." to which Cell and Tori-Bot respons "And that's what we'll do, if we HAVE to. But defeating The Master is far more important."

So they bid the Great Trainers farewell and take off in cell's ship going back into Multiverse space. Cell says this time it's far too dangerous to send Tori-bot because they dont' know what waits them on the other side, so he wants the Z-team to warp in to Location X with a hard-teleport fueled by Cell's ship. He says once they're on the other side and they see what the environment is like, they should be able to communciate and go from there.

So the Z-senshi team up and stand on the platform, and Cell sends them to their destiny. everyone goes except Mr. Cell and Tori-bot who stay behind. After they teleport Cell is shocked to find out that he lost ALL contact with them, it's as if they were simply removed altogether, and he begins to grow afraid. Then he notices something else that makes his fear worse: Their reading of Evil Gohan is gone.


User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#6
The Z-Team appear in what they think of as a strange, high tech space ship. Chaotzu freaks a bit that he lost full psychic contact with Cell and Toriybot. Whatever ship they're on, it's In The Darkness now "and we're on our own."

So they walk along a long cooridor that's lit with bright lights, and end up emerging into a great chamber that has a big throne in the middle of the room. However, the throne is empty, and they hear a distorted voice the same as Broly heard when he met The Master earlier. The Master's voice welcomes them to their final death, and explains that they were foolish trying to ambush them. He apologies for not being able to personally greet them, but he's invited a speical guest to do it for them.

Out of the shadows Evil Gohan steps, smirking in confidence.

"I know you can't beat this Gohan no matter how hard you fight him, but just in case, we've arranged another surprise for you just the same. You may be wondering what this place is. Well, it's not a space ship. It's the bomb that was inside Cyborg #18 in canon Earth. When Shenlong wished it out of her, it ended up here, The Darkness. You see, all discarded things that are no longer needed, end up here in The Darkness. Oh, and this bomb is set to explode! Enjoy oblivion."

At this point red flashing lights come on and a countdown starts. The Z-team freak out wanting to escape, and Gohan stands in their way saying they'll have to fight him first.

They try to reason with him, saying The Master is throwing him away now too, and he's been betrayed. Gohan just laughs and says this explosion can't hurt him, to which the good Gohan tells him he's wrong, as he understands what Cell and Tori-bot explained to him, this bomb is from the actual Canon World, making it stronger than ALL of them, including him.

At this point Psycho Gohan gets really angry, telling the good Gohan that he's NOT the real/canon Gohan and he's a cheap imitation. They try to calm him down, but it's too late. He charges and attacks, and they begin a desperate battle to stop him at all costs.

So the next few chapters were going to be just a huge no-holds-barred fight of the whole Z Team vs Psycho Gohan. It was going to be shocking because Gohan was just going to take Z-fighters out, and surprise the reader. Like one second they're all one team, the next second The Great Krilliman gets his head blown off by a kamehameha O_O. And then Goten dies knocking the good Gohan out of the way of an attack!

I was just going to go on pure shock value, but basically Krillin, Goten, Piccolo, and Trunks would die in the battle, in that order. But during the battle they REALLY hurt Psycho Gohan back, as they're too many for him. However they discover that he's just not stopping. He's still strong enough to throw them around like rag dolls, and the countdown is almost to Zero. It looks like they've lost, after all this.

User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#7
Right before they surrender to despair, Mr. Cell appears. He tells the remaining Z-warriors to rush to him, fast. They do so, but Psycho Gohan flies towards them as well, recognizing Mr. Cell and knowing if he kills him they're all screwed. Knowing they won't be able to evade him, the good Gohan tackles Psycho Gohan and screams for them to go without him, NOW.

Goku screams no, but cell teleports anyway and they all leave. Psycho Gohan slams Good Gohan in the gut and throws him off of him screaming in rage. He's furious that they escaped. Good Gohan starts laughing from his place sprawled out on the floor, saying "It's over for you now..."

Psycho Gohan picks him up by the throat in a rage and says "No! It's over for YOU!" He pulls his fist back to kill him, but before he can attack, the bomb goes off and The Darkness itself is lit up by a white, shining light.

Back in Cell's ship, everyone is reeling from the losses they took. The morale is destroyed. Chaotzu is the only one who cares enough to ask cell how he rescued them. Cell explained he came up with the idea that if he left a Cell Jr. on the ship and then used the ships teleports to follow them, he'd always have a psychic link with his own Cell Jr.s no matter where they are. So he was able to teleport them out of the Darkness becasue of his link to the Jr. he created.

Just then, the bomb in the Darkness explodes and from their prespective outside, the explosion is huge, it shatters out of the Darkness sending shockwaves of what Cell calls "powerful full-canon energy". The blast hits the weakened area of the multiverse that Psycho Gohan's been chipping away at, and it's finally enough to break the Eggshell that protects the Canon worlds from the rest of the Mulitverse.

Now a huge storm appears as whoever The Master is travels into this eggshell. So, all is lost, soon he'll change the Canon Earth and possibly destroy the entire Multiverse by doing so. But Tori-bot says all hope is not lost yet. He put a speical safe guard over The Canon World long ago, a last bastion of defense. He knew it would only slow down the type of threat who could actually go there, rather than stop them for good, but it may slow The Master down just enough for them to finish this.

The safe guard is this: Anyone who enters the Canon Earth universe, is transported to the location of the Room of Spirit and Time, after Buu and Gotenks and Piccolo escaped. In other words, they're isolated from the Canon Events of the story, and possibly trapped there forever, unless they're strong enough to break out. At which point, they have access to Canon Earth and that's not a good thing.

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7 years ago#8
All of them agree that this Master can probably escape, because he's been teleporting Evil Gohan around the multiverse without effort this whole time, so he must be really powerful. So they want to know how they can go there now, as cell says the storm created by the shattering is too much for them to get through.

Tori-bot says he can send them there, with the last of his power. Everyone is alarmed and wants to know what that means, but before they can protest, Tori-bot basically lights up glowing, and sucks all the Z-warriors inside of his body, including Cell, and this somehow teleports them onto Canon Earth, where they'll end up in the Trap.

So, the surviving Z-warriors, Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien, and Chatozu; as well as Mr. Cell find themselves in the Canon Room of Spirit and Time. They see where the training house used to be before Canon Piccolo destroyed it, and they see craters from the Gotenks VS. Buu fight, and then suddenly they see something that doesn't belong--THE MASTER!

The master is at first wondering where he is and then realizes and wonders how he got here. Then he notices the Z-warriors who have appeared, and turns to meet them. At first they see the master is a giant robotic spider, and they have no idea who or what it is. Goku recognizes the technology as being very familiar-- it looks like a Dr. Wheelo machine! (Dr. Wheelo from DBZ Movie #2 Worlds Strongest), but also has elements of Gero and Myu thrown in too.

Cell yells that they can figure out who or what The Master is after he's cold and dead, so they the Z Warriors all promptly fire their strongest attacks at The Master. To their surprise though, their ki attacks all slow down in mid-air, then suddnely fling back at the ones who fired them. Everyone jumps out of the way as the blasts hit causing big explosions and they freak out wondering how this thing did that, and what it is.

Chaotzu then says "wait.. life.. there's a living mind inside that machine!" He tries to focus and use his psychic powers, and suddenly there's a bright flash of light, and Chatozu's eyes explode out of their sockets as sparks burst from his ears and stuff. Mr. Cell says that Chaotzu just got fried by feedback from trying to interface with a mind psychically when that mind must have much greater psychic powers than Chaotzu did.

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7 years ago#9
At this point they all look at The Master in shock, and suddenly they feel an energy holding them down in place. No one, not even GT Goku can move or budge an inch. They're stuck in mid-air.

The Master now laughs in evil, and only Vegeta recognizes the voice coming from inside that dome, though he says it's impossible.

The dome slides open, and they find out the true identity of The Master. It's Guldo!? Well, it's Guldo's HEAD actually. Guldo's severed head is in the middle of the machine's core, being kept alive by the technology. Guldo's eyes are glowign as he's used his psychic powers now stronger than ever before to trap everyone.

At this point Guldo begins the sterotypical villainous monolouge. He explains he's not just ANY Guldo. He's THE Guldo from the Canon Earth. Cell immediatly calls him a liar, and says that Canon Guldo was killed by Vegeta on Planet Namek. He cut his head off and then blew it up. Vegeta also remembers these same events from his own universe, and says there's no way Guldo survived that.

Guldo says that indeed did happen, but what no one realized, is that the moment before Vegeta's ki blast struck him, Guldo felt the terror of his impending death and at that moment he instinctively used his powers to escape, and ended up in The Darkness. meanwhile Vegteta's ki blast hits the ground where his head was a split second ago, they feel Guldo's ki vanish, and no one doubst that Guldo just died.

So, now Guldo finds himself as a bodiless head floating in The Darkness, his terrible new home. He wont' die of blood loss here, becasue time does not flow in The Darkness. For what feels like many, many years, Guldo just exists here, and eventually finds he can use a bit of his psychic powers to move and float around. he comes to the understanding that this place is outside of the unvierse he once knew, and using his psychic powers he focuses and discovers a shocking secret: Everything is fiction. (Yep, no joke, this was going to be in the story)

he discovers the mysterious power that Choatzu called The Fans were actual human beings in a "real world" that were reading or watching a story called Dragon Ball. He discocvered the world he came from was the Canon World, the original manga comic book drawn and written by a man named Akira Toriyama. He discovered that all other worlds in the Multiverse are all based on that world. Inside the Egg Shell, these are the worlds of the Anime, the Movies, and other official works. Meanwhile the One Canon Earth remains at the center of everything.

User Info: FindKenshi

7 years ago#10
Outside of the egg shell? These are fan fictions, worlds created by the fans. And outside of that? The Darkness. This is where forgotten stories that never get finished or never get started end up. Characters, worlds, objects, anything that The Fans stop caring about, falls into The Darkness.

Guldo then becomes obsessed with returning to the canon earth and having his revenge now. So he journies around The Darkness and finds other beings here like Dr. Wheelo to build a new body for him to keep him alive. But he knows he'll need raw power to break back into the Canon Earth from outside, so he finds that raw power in Psycho Gohan.

This was a Gohan who was drawn by a 5 year old that just watched Bojack Unbound on TV. This 5 year old in his young simple mind thought that SSj2 Gohan from that movie was the coolest, strongest, most awesome chracter EVAR!! so he drew him and his mommy hang it up on the fridge!! He was so proud and he loved Gohan so much! (this was Chaotzu's image during the Spirit Walk.)

But alas, like all 5 year old's drawings, it as eventually thrown away and forgotten. So this Gohan fell into the Darkness. Having a mind as pure and simple as the kid who drew him, Gohan had no idea where he was or what was happening. Guldo was shocked to see that because he was created by a Fan, this Gohan was as strong as his creator THOUGHT he was at the time, making him a giant of pure imaginatinated power. So, Guldo showed this Gohan the truth about everything being fictional stories, and it drove him insane. As Gohan developed more complex thoughts from his madness he became as cruel and bitter as Guldo did, obsessed with the fact that he's not the real Gohan, and hating the real canon Gohan so much.

So Guldo had his body, and his mucle man, but he lacked one thing. The ability to escape. He dreamed of the day and finally it happened. During the events of my other fanfic Total Anhiliation, the final cosmic battle between Gogeta and Zombie Buu caused a great hole to be ripped in the unvierse when Zombie Buu tried to absorb reality.
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