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  3. WELLL... I just spent $44 on a sealed Binary Domain
Ask me anything.

the games been getting lots of attention since it went bc on newer xbox consoles, I missed out on this title
and figured... meh might as well buy it. What should expect?
Yggdrasille 1 month ago#2
I really liked it when I first played it a few years ago, the best team-based TPS on PS3 in my experience. I loved the gameplay, story and characters quite a lot. Keep in mind that if you want to get the best ending, you need to have every teammate's trust at "Very high" and at "Max" for Bo, Faye and Cain.
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Varron 1 month ago#3
Probably the best Terminator game ever made, and a solid third-person shooter from a developer that's known for making the Yakuza series of games. The gameplay really had no right to be as good as it was, considering how Yakuza Dead Souls controlled.

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str8Knowledge 1 month ago#4
Upgrading your teammates doesn’t affect their willingness to attack.

I think upgrading your guy Dan is a positive loop because you will kill more and get more points to spend. Plus more kills get reputation points?
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str8Knowledge 1 month ago#5
This toy reminds me of Binary Domain
str8Knowledge 1 month ago#6
Also you are not really the commander.
OaklandRaiderz 1 month ago#7
What an awesome game. Man, I love discovering hidden gems like these, especially years after their respective consoles have lost popularity. Back then I was so caught up with gears of war that I didn't even give a game like binary domain a chance. I'm also caught up playing Pacific Rift, singularity and mafia 2. Rock on, ps3.
Joeydollaz 1 month ago#8
The most annoying sidekick>
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kidrobot 1 month ago#9
why didnt you get the digital version for less?
I thought it was a fun game. I love gears of war and another game with nearly identical gameplay was welcome. Not as good as gears though.
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  3. WELLL... I just spent $44 on a sealed Binary Domain
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