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User Info: sledgelmil

1 month ago#31
I've beaten Destiny, Phantasia (PSone ver.) and Symphonia 1(PS3). Next will be Eternia (aka Destiny II on PSone).-

User Info: TantrumBull

1 month ago#32
Tales of Phantasia snes with english patch and ps1 before and after the english patch.
Tales of Destiny: ps1 beaten but for ps2 version I gave up because of getting tired of playing certain RPG in japanese text.
Tales of Eternia
Narikiri Dungeon 2 and 3 with and without english patches.
Tales of Symphonia: Gamecube only
Tales of Vesperia: xbox 360 (need to get back into the xbox one version)
Tales of Xillia:
Tales of the World Radiant Mythologies:

Other games:
Tales of the Abyss: I wanted to clear it but the ps2 was pissing me off with how it ran the game so I gave up eventually.
Tales of Destiny 2, Rebirth and Radiant Mythologies 2 and 3 are the same reason as ps2 version of Destiny remake.
Tales of Symphonia 2: I just couldn't stay interested plus the controls on the ps3 felt really weird with the game.
Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave: text reasons
Tales of Hearts R: couldn't stay interested.
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User Info: gamemaster712

1 month ago#33
Quite a few from symphonia to abyss to xillia 1&2 to…. Trying to beat vesperia… I just played them many times over more

innocence r and hearts R
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User Info: Saixe

1 month ago#34
Probably just eternia. I find the world building mind blowing and the characters interesting.
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User Info: JA-WN-IX

4 weeks ago#35
Tales of destiny II aka ToE
Tales of Legendia

...thats it.

User Info: AngelouRozaki

4 weeks ago#36
i 100%'d Zestiria. Since it was the worst of the series, hopes can only go up this time.

User Info: rockyoumonkeys

2 weeks ago#37
I've played almost all of them, some of them quite a lot, but somehow have only beat two that I can think of; Symphonia and Graces f

I got super far into Vesperia and Xillia.

I definitely still plan to go back to them; I dug out my PS3 yesterday and I still have Graces f, Xillia 1&W, and Symphonia Collection on disc, and Zestria, Berseria, and Vesperia (and soon Arise) on my PS5.

User Info: Busuzima

2 weeks ago#38
Nope. Tried only Legendia and Abyss, lost interest and quit.

User Info: RobertFripp

2 weeks ago#39
Tales of Destiny

User Info: kingdrake2

2 weeks ago#40
tales of xillia: 1 month and 1 week
tales of xillia 2: 3 weeks and 1 day
would plat symphonia but the game scares me on plat requirements. can be done in 4 playthrough's.

time it took me to plat 2 of the games (i can get the european versions someday) to have another go at them.
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