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User Info: OaklandRaiderz

2 months ago#1
i get that tricky and 3 were prime games from the series, but the reboot is great and got a bad rep for no reason. Did you enjoy it?

User Info: Littlefoot

2 months ago#2
Never heard of it until many years later, when the series was long gone from it’s prime days.

The complaints i read about the most were that the game tried to be too ”realistic” and that the tracks were generic. Also that falling into some pits would actually end your run instead of teleporting you back to the track.

Perhaps someone more experienced with the game can elaborate more.
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User Info: yoshitora7

2 months ago#3
The new "survival" aspects didn't really mesh well with the SSX style of gameplay

Not enough color, very dull with lots of gray/white locations. The Eddie DLC added some neon tracks as a response I suppose

Would rather it focused on snowboarding/racing as opposed to adding stuff like the Wingsuit, Body armor, pickaxes etc

Real world locations weren't as interesting compared to the fictional courses in SSX Tricky/3

User Info: skyrax

2 months ago#4
For the same reason the Turok remake was panned: while perfectly serviceable in its own right it felt soulless compared to what came before it.

It's a solid game, but I'd still take a remaster of the first 2 any day.
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User Info: desuno-to

1 month ago#5
yos***ora7 posted...
Real world locations weren't as interesting compared to the fictional courses in SSX Tricky/3

I actually loved that aspect. Obviously they weren't anything close to the real thing (topographically), but liked the little details like the Shinto structures on Mt Fuji that at least kept up the atmosphere.

If one day they make an SSX that accurately replicates the real world location, I would grab that in a heartbeat.
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User Info: GradyHoover

1 month ago#6
It got pretty positive reviews when it released.

It's just that the series' established fans felt like it didn't capture the over-the-top wacko experience that many of the prior games had since "Tricky."

By comparison, its most immediate predecessor - SSX on Tour - received a much milder reception upon its release. But despite that immediate reaction of "this is just more of the same as the last couple of games" in 2005, it's aged really well with the fanbase over the years. It kind of reminds me of the later MegaMan sequels on NES in that regard.

I'm not sure, but this might kind of be like the classic Zelda Cycle (where the most recent game is usually derided by Internet fans as the worst one in years up until the next one comes out, at which point the game that was previously much-hated becomes a beloved classic among the fanbase. This was evident up until Breath of the Wild broke the cycle). If that's the case, then fans will eventually love SSX 2012; we just need EA to release another game first. :P
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

4 weeks ago#7
I loved it a lot though it did get pretty sketchy near the end game as some courses and systems felt not really thought out all the way like the O2 tanks and the wing suits. I mean they were fun but all of the temp deaths kind of made me lose interest in a snowboarding game. I still go back and play it occassionally. I wish that I could play it with PSVR as it's fun to play STEEP in FPS mode in Big Screen mode and wish I could do the same for SSX.

User Info: HighwayPilot

4 weeks ago#8
There are various issues that hold back its potential, but the lack of splitscreen multiplayer was the final nail in the coffin. I never go back to it anymore.
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User Info: Po-Rayu

3 weeks ago#9
It’s one of the best games of the ps3.
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