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User Info: GeOstyle

3 months ago#1
So here I am on the trying to buy a few games and there is no buy option. Did sony shut this down? I'm a little loat on this subject. Tanks in advance.
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User Info: Atarifanboy1977

3 months ago#2
How to fix the problem in 1 step!
Buy physical. Problem solved!

User Info: Littlefoot

3 months ago#3
Appareantly it's hidden for some users, not sure why.

On my end, it was working just fine. Except that it wouldn't accept my password for some reason.
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User Info: kidrobot

3 months ago#4
hit the x button as soon as you click on the game

(message deleted)

User Info: DeltaBladeX

3 months ago#6
The Buy and Demo buttons are not visible, but are still there.

User Info: GeOstyle

3 months ago#7
Yeah I'm going to try to navigate it tru the psn store again. I gotta get it to pop it. Now I actually I have a lot of these games I'm trying to buy but this for convenience and well a lot of my games are still in Michigan and just moved out of state. And yes....I feel like playing the jax collection NOW!🤯🤣
It was all about me.

User Info: EvilResident

3 weeks ago#8
GeOstyle posted...
the jax collection
buy it on eBay.
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