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User Info: bungiefan

1 month ago#21
rafamaximo posted...
Drethrake posted...
Yeah. I've seen the inside of the SP and it looks fairly simple parts wise. As for the PSP... I'd need a complete laser assembly thing. The lens is completely gone. And that metal thingummywhat that holds the UMD in place when you close the hatch is also missing. Will need to pick up one of those eventually.

I have a soft spot for Sony's Handhelds. I wish they were built better. The PSPs are so breakable! They truly messed up making a UMD that like, nothing else will read! Unless that PS Home kit has a UMD reader add-on to play PSP on the TV that I haven't heard about...

PS3s with the built in PS2 are getting kinda rare, and the less there are, the pricier they get. Extending their lifetime as long as possible should be a thing. Could even just keep it but don't use it, put it on display as a historical artifact so that 10-20 years later you can show it off and go: "Yeah. This PS3? This was the Launch Model!" and everyone would be in awe due to the launch version's rarity.

I'd be interested in that PS3 Test System though... those are even rarer... built in PS2 and all that region free goodies.

You are absolutely right about PSP. It's an AMAZING console but... UMD. Why the f*** Sony decided to come up with a portable console using discs, even worse... a proprietary media format? Now I miss my PSP...

Cartridges are always a proprietary media format. UMD was used because it was cheap to make and could hold more data than cartridges at the time, just like how PS1/Saturn used optical media when other consoles were using cartridges still. PSP was competing with GBA and later DS. The largest GBA game is 32 MB, the largest DS game (at the end of the life span) was 512 MB, many were 128 MB or smaller. PSP games can be about 1 GB. That was a huge difference to developers to be able to fit cutscenes and more content into games, like Tales of Phantasia Full Voice Edition having a ton of voice acting that wouldn't fit in a DS game in the early years of both consoles.

Consoles are all about proprietary stuff, that is how they thwart piracy a bit and make money off hardware.

User Info: RoyalsDK

4 weeks ago#22
I came across this’s worth a shot!
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User Info: kingdrake2

4 weeks ago#23
new ps3 consoles are about 400$ and plus
about the price a ps4 pro is going for.
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User Info: CubeJunky

4 weeks ago#24
When my 6gb model died I sent it to the ps3specialist about 6 years ago for his reball service, he’s not the greatest communicator but with in two weeks I got my console back, and it’s worked great ever since.
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User Info: RetroGamer9

4 weeks ago#25
You can always buy a NEW one if you don’t want to repair/get a used one.

Come on, give in, you know you want a completely BRAND NEW 60gb!