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User Info: PhantomStranja

2 months ago#41
ThrillKillFan posted...
PhantomStranja posted...
I charge me ds3 about once a week. And i play around 20-30 hours a week on my ps3!


I love the battery life the Dualshock 3 gets compared to the Dualshock 4. Though the newer Dualshock 3's in the hybrid packaging with the plastic dome over the controller but cardboard otherwise with the little tape seals on top and bottom seem like s***tier quality to me. It was one of those that the fully licensed Sony brand charging cable would not line up with properly.

Meanwhile the hermetically packaged ones in the big plastic packaging were fantastic and even felt heavier to me.

Personally my main ps3 controller is the ff 13 lightning returns dualshock 3. Its high quality and made of a material that feels nice in my hands, and it doesnt make my hands sweat. The battery life is probably triple than my ds4 controller. I also use it on pc now, i sometimes use a third party xbox controller for ease of use though

User Info: revengine

2 months ago#42
revengine posted...
EvilResident posted...
@revengine so did they arrive yet? Are they legit?

Not yet. I've been tracking them and when I checked Thursday, they had cleared customs and were sent out for delivery but seeing as Friday was a holiday, there's no mail service. I'm expecting them to arrive early next week. I'll write back then.

Okay, so apparently my controllers were "lost" (i.e. stolen) in transit. As I said, they had made it through customs and were sent out for delivery and, according to tracking, were "delivered" to the wrong address (they weren't even in the same city as where I live when they were delivered). So I contacted the post office about it and seeing as how there wasn't even an address recorded when they were delivered, they aren't going to open an investigation. They suggested I get in touch with the seller because they could get in touch with their postal service (package came from China) and then the Chinese postal service could get in touch with my postal service and open an investigation. So I tried to get in touch with the seller via eBay and lo and behold, they are no longer a seller on eBay. Thankfully, eBay stepped in and refunded my money. So now I'm considering whether or not to try again. I'm also considering just buying the replacement parts for where the thumbsticks connect to the circuitry but I'm a bit concerned about 1)how difficult it will be to reassemble a DS3 and 2)my soldering skills.
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User Info: DarkMark942

2 months ago#43
I paid $130 for a new white DS3. I studied the box to make sure it was legit. It was at a mom and pop shop. Pricey, but worth it.

User Info: GuardianLegendX

2 months ago#44
I will try this controller next. I’ll let you guys know how it handles.
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User Info: rafamaximo

2 months ago#45
DarkMark942 posted...
I paid $130 for a new white DS3. I studied the box to make sure it was legit. It was at a mom and pop shop. Pricey, but worth it.

Not really. At least in my area, for that much you can get an used PS3 with at least one legit DS3 and a handful of games (if lucky, might get even more controllers and a bunch of games along).

Unless, of course, you bought that sealed one for collecting purposes.
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